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Word of the day October 1–2, 2021

Words of the day for this month, selected by Wiktionary contributors.

October 2

Havishamesque adj
  1. Stuck in the past; also, refusing to accept change or failure.

The character of Miss Havisham originates from the English author Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations, which was first published as a complete work this month in 1861 after having appeared in serial form.

October 1

Michaelmas term n
  1. (law) The first term of the legal year, running from October to December, during which the upper courts of England and Wales, and Ireland, sit to hear cases.
  2. (education) The first academic term of the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin, and other educational institutions, running from October to December; the term was modelled after the legal term, but does not begin and end on the same dates.

In the courts of England and Wales, Michaelmas term begins today and ends on 21 December, if these dates do not fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

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