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This page has 7 definitions of outflow in English. Outflow is a noun and verb. Also define these 8 related words and terms: flowing, out, fluid, outward, astronomy, stream, active galactic nucleus, and sewage.



From Middle English outflowen, from late Old English ūtflōwan (attested in the past tense as ūt flēow), equivalent to out- +‎ flow. The noun is derived from the verb.


outflow (countable and uncountable, plural outflows)

  1. The process of flowing out.
  2. A fluid that flows out.
    • December 2020, Tim Folger, “North America’s most valuable resource is at risk”, in National Geographic[1]:
      Borg’s home, which he built with his wife and two sons among tall conifers 33 years ago, overlooks the Nipigon River, an outflow from the lake of the same name.
  3. Any outward movement.
  4. (astronomy) A stream of gaseous material emanating from an active galactic nucleus.
  5. The part of a system that allows material to flow out.
  6. (sewage) Something that flows out of a sewage treatment plant.


Derived terms

  • bipolar outflow
  • circumstellar outflow
  • galactic outflow
  • galactic-scale outflow
  • mass outflow
  • molecular outflow
  • outflow boundary



outflow (third-person singular simple present outflows, present participle outflowing, simple past and past participle outflowed)

  1. (intransitive) To flow outward.