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Today’s Info of the Day Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

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Upcoming Holidays

Here are international holidays for the next 7 days:

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🕊️ Recent Deaths

In the past 3 days, these notable people have died: Hank Aaron, Juan Guzmán Tapia, Gianfranco Lombardi, Meherzia Labidi Maïza, Luton Shelton, F. X. Sudjasmin, Henryk Chmielewski (comics), Jean Graton, Rémy Julienne, Cecilia Mangini, Mick Norcross, José Pampuro, Andrzej Bieniasz, Mira Furlan, John Baptist Kaggwa, Jack London (businessman), Sibusiso Moyo, Unnikrishnan Namboothiri, John Russell (musician), Mike Sadek, Bill Sheat, Ted Thompson, Boris Zaborov. See photos and obituaries below. Follow links for more info.

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Clean-limbed adj

Quote of the Day

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The way I see it, it's a great thing to be the man who hit the most home runs, but it's a greater thing to be the man who did the most with the home runs he hit. So as long as there's a chance that maybe I can hammer out a little justice now and then, or a little opportunity here and there, I intend to do as I always have — keep swinging.

~ Hank Aaron ~

Article of the Day

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Gigantorhynchus ortizi

Gigantorhynchus is a genus of thorny-headed worms that parasitize marsupials, anteaters, and possibly baboons by attaching themselves to the intestines using their hook-covered proboscis. The life cycle includes a larval stage in an intermediate host such as termites. In addition to the proboscis, the body is characterized by pseudosegmentation, filiform lemnisci, and ellipsoid testes. The largest known specimen is a female G. ortizi (example pictured) with a length of around 240 millimetres (9.4 in) and a width of 2 millimetres (0.079 in). Genetic analysis on one species of Gigantorhynchus places it with the related Mediorhynchus genus in the Giganthorhynchidae family. There are six species in this genus distributed across Central and South America and possibly Zimbabwe. Infestation by a Gigantorhynchus species can cause potentially fatal partial obstructions of the intestines or severe lesions of the intestinal wall. (Full article...)

Picture of the Day

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Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) in flight, the Pantanal, Brazil.
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