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Today is National Technology Day. Here are international holidays for the next 7 days:

Word of the Day

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Waif n
  1. (Britain, law, archaic) Often in the form waif and stray, waifs and strays: an article of movable property found of which the owner is not known, such as goods washed up on a beach or thrown away by an absconding thief; such items belong to the Crown, which may grant the right of ownership to them to a lord of a manor.
  2. (figuratively)
    1. Something found, especially if without an owner; something which comes along, as it were, by chance.
    2. A person (especially a child) who is homeless and without means of support; also, a person excluded from society; an outcast.
    3. (by extension) A very thin person.
    4. (by extension, botany) A plant introduced in a place outside its native range but is not persistently naturalized.


  1. (nautical, chiefly whaling, historical) A small flag used as a signal.


  1. Something (such as clouds or smoke) carried aloft by the wind.

waif v

  1. (intransitive) To be cast aside or rejected, and thus become a waif.

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SARS-CoV-2 virus replication process

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Ted Kaczynski (born 1942), also known as the Unabomber, is an American domestic terrorist, primitivist and former mathematics professor. He was accepted to Harvard College at the age of 16 and, after graduating and earning his PhD, he taught at UC Berkeley for three years. He then moved to a small cabin in Montana to pursue a simple life. Kaczynski began sending mail bombs to people associated with universities, airlines, and the advancement of modern technology in 1978. He mailed a total of sixteen bombs, killing 3 people and injuring 23 others. Kaczynski's bombing campaign came under investigation by the FBI, who employed over 150 people in the most expensive FBI investigation ever conducted at the time. Kaczynski's manifesto, an anarcho-primitivist essay, was published in The Washington Post on the condition that he would desist from terrorism. He was eventually arrested in 1996 (mug shot pictured) and later imprisoned at ADX Florence in Colorado. (Full article...)

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Boy Bitten by a Lizard is an oil-on-canvas painting from around 1595 by the Italian Baroque painter Caravaggio. It exists in two versions, both believed to be authentic works of Caravaggio; one is in the collection of the Fondazione Roberto Longhi in Florence, while the other, shown here, is in the National Gallery, London. The identity of the sitter (theorised to be Mario Minniti) and the symbolism of the painting have been the subjects of much debate.

Painting credit: Caravaggio

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Seeds of a Calendula officinalis .
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