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Today’s Holidays, Next 7 Days

Today’s holidays are World Wildlife Day, Liberation Day of the Republic of Bulgaria. Here are international holidays for the next 7 days:

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In the past 3 days, these notable people have died: Chris Barber, Claudio Coccoluto, Prabhat Sarma, Bunny Wailer, Alan Bowness, Michael Gudinski, Bernard Guyot, Vernon Jordan, Zlatko Kranjčar, Pietro Larizza, Andrea Nannini, Enrique San Francisco, Ian St John, Anatoliy Zlenko, Milan Bandić, Aqel Biltaji, Anna Kast, Roger Kibbe, Ian North, Jorge Oñate, Peter Raedts. See photos and obituaries below. Follow links for more info.

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Puellile adj
  1. (formal) Characteristic of, or pertaining to, a girl or girls.

Today is 雛祭り (Hina Matsuri, Doll Festival), also called Girls’ Day, during which families in Japan pray for their young daughters’ growth and future happiness.

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Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when it's the only one we have.

~ Émile Chartier ~

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Carmen, illustration in Journal Amusant

Carmen is an opera in four acts which Georges Bizet set to a libretto by the team Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy, based on Prosper Mérimée's novella. When it was first performed by the Opéra-Comique in Paris on 3 March 1875, its breaking of conventions shocked and scandalized its first audiences. The opera was originally written with musical numbers and spoken dialogue. Set in southern Spain, it tells of the downfall of Don José, a naïve soldier who is seduced by the fiery gypsy Carmen, and finally kills her in a jealous rage. The depictions of proletarian life, immorality, and lawlessness broke new ground in French opera. Bizet died suddenly after the 33rd performance, unaware that the work would achieve international acclaim within the following ten years. Carmen has become one of the most frequently performed operas, with the "Habanera" and the "Toreador Song" among the best known of all operatic arias. The music has been acclaimed for its brilliance of melody, harmony, atmosphere and orchestration, and for Bizet's skill in expressing the emotions and suffering of his characters. (Full article...)

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The hardhead (Aythya australis) is a species of diving duck found in Australia. Also known as the white-eyed duck, its plumage is chocolate brown in both sexes, but only males have the distinctive white eye. The common name "hardhead" has nothing to do with the density of the bird's skull, instead referring to the difficulty encountered by early taxidermists in processing the head. These female (top) and male (bottom) hardheads were photographed at Hurstville Golf Course in Mortdale, New South Wales.

Photograph credit: John Harrison

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"Notgeld" banknote of Bonn, 1923: 1 million Mark, RV: Town seal of Bonn.
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