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Today’s Info of the Day Saturday, November 28th, 2020

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Upcoming Holidays

Here are international holidays for the next 7 days:

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🕊️ Recent Deaths

In the past 3 days, these notable people have died: Hakam Balawi, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Gene Fraise, Špiro Guberina, Tony Hsieh, Bob Miller (baseball, born 1926), Parviz Poorhosseini, Aly Zaker, Jamir Garcia, Sadiq al-Mahdi, Alfonso Milián Sorribas, Daria Nicolodi, Hafez Abu Seada, Kamen Tchanev, Chuck Bail, Marc-André Bédard (politician), Diego Maradona, José Manuel Mireles Valverde, Ahmad Mukhtar, Ahmed Patel, Zenon Plech, Jacques Secrétin, Flor Silvestre, Camilla Wicks, James Wolfensohn. See photos and obituaries below. Follow links for more info.

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Inenubilable adj (formal, literary, rare)

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I never had, and still do not have, the perception of feeling my personal identity. I appear to myself as the place where something is going on, but there is no "I", no "me". Each of us is a kind of crossroads where things happen. The crossroads is purely passive; something happens there. A different thing, equally valid, happens elsewhere. There is no choice, it is just a matter of chance.

~ Claude Lévi-Strauss ~

Video of the Day

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Inauguration of "Le mois givré" (Frosty Month), an annual end-of-the-year event in Belfort (France) featuring ice skating, Christmas market and concerts during the month of December.

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Lane at peak intensity southeast of Hawaii

Hurricane Lane was a tropical cyclone that brought torrential rainfall and strong winds to Hawaii during late August 2018. The storm was the wettest on record in Hawaii, with peak rainfall accumulations of 58 inches (1,473 mm) along the eastern slopes of Mauna Loa. Lane was the first of three Category 5 hurricanes of the record-breaking 2018 Pacific hurricane season, and the season's twelfth named storm, sixth hurricane, and fourth major hurricane. It became a Category 4 hurricane on August 18 and reached Category 5 status on August 22 to the south of Hawaii with sustained winds of 160 mph (260 km/h) and a barometric pressure of 926 mbar (hPa; 27.34 inHg). The hurricane then turned north and slowed, battering the Hawaiian Islands from August 22 to 26 with heavy rain that caused flash flooding and mudslides. Across the Big Island, 159 structures were damaged or destroyed. One person died on Kauai. (This article is part of a featured topic: Category 5 Pacific hurricanes.)

Picture of the Day

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Apple cake served vanilla ice cream, on a checkered tablecloth in Lysekil, Sweden.
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