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Picture of the day April 1–13, 2021

Top pictures for this month, selected by Wikimedia Commons contributors.

April 13

Never-ending Taylor Highway, Chicken, Alaska, United States.

April 12

Trees in the fog in the hamlet Leuste, Dülmen, Germany
Wikipedia: Fog · Dülmen

April 11

View of Damascus in Schedel's World History, woodcut by Michael Wolgemut, printed in the very rare pirated edition of 1497 by Johann Schönsperger in Augsburg.

April 10

Skyline of Cambridge, Massachusetts, as viewed from Harvard Bridge. Prominently visible are the Great Dome and Green Building of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which was established on April 10, 1861.

April 9

Cliff at Vaucluse with New Zealand sea lions, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Wikipedia: Sydney, New South Wales

April 8

Catkins in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

April 7

An autumn view to Raftsundet and mountains of Austvågøya (including Trolltindan) over Tennfjorden, Hinnøya, Norway.

April 6

Uvod River and buildings of the former Fokin Manufactory in Ivanovo, Russia

April 5

Tianqi, 15th emperor of the Ming Dynasty

April 4

The Saint Regiswindis church in Lauffen am Neckar, Germany, rises on a rock directly on the riverbank of the Neckar.

April 3

Spherical panorama of the courtyard of the former Real Seminario de Nobles in Calatayud, Spain. The Seminario de Nobles used to be an education institution just before college for noble and bourgeois people. There are only 6 of its kind in the world and this one dates from the mid-18th century. This image is the result of 105 frames.

April 2

Crucifixion of Christ – central panel of the Knappenaltar (altar of the miners) at the Catholic parish church Hallstatt, Upper Austria. Anonymous master, around 1450.

April 1

Crab spider (Misumena vatia) female with prey silver-spotted skipper butterfly (Hesperia comma) on Centaurea jacea flower, Bükk National Park, Hungary.
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