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infoAnew Disclaimer

General Disclaimer on Links, Reliability and Marks

Links are not Endorsements

infoAnew.com has many links to external sites. These links do not imply any endorsement by infoAnew of the opinions or ideas expressed at other sites, nor do such links imply the validity of the information provided. Links to other sites are in no way to be taken as an endorsement of any site's products or services. Due to the nature of infoAnew's information being collected and mirrored from public domain Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary - that anyone can freely edit at will - web spam, website defacement including Vandalism on Wikipedia, and low-quality content that appears on those sites also propagates to infoAnew. While infoAnew attempts to minimize this "noise" it is a ongoing job to minimize such spam-like content.

Wikimedia Marks

The Wiktionary 'W' icon and tile logo, the Wikinews logo, the Wikimedia Commons logo, the Wikiquote logo, and the Wikipedia 'W' icon are trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation and are used with the permission of the Wikimedia Foundation. infoAnew is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. All the aforementioned marks are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and their respective authors are listed below

The Wiktionary 'W' icon is created by Smurrayinchester and is ™ Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

The Wikinews logo file was derived from:  Wikinews-logo-en.png and the authors are David Vasquez, Simon, LivingShadow

The Wikimedia Commons logo is based on earlier work by Pumbaa and the author is User:Reidab per Commons:Logo/Vote#Reidab_logo

The Wikiquote logo original design and raster version is by Neolux; the vector version is by Minh Nguyen, based on work by Rei-artur and -xfi-.

The Wikipedia 'W' icon is the official Wikipedia favicon. The "W" originates from the Hoefler Text typeface by Jonathan Hoefler.

YouTube Marks

While infoAnew.com is developed with YouTube it is in no way endorsed by, nor do we endorse the content to which infoAnew links to on YouTube. Oftentimes, the "most relevant" youtube videos are not actually relevant and infoAnew is constantly experimenting with and tweaking our API calls to YouTube to return more relevant video results. In the process we have to flag and filter out increasing volumes of YouTube video spam. This process is ongoing and we appreciate your patience with improving this site.

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