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Define the meaning of the English word milecastle below. Milecastle is a noun. Also define these 13 related words and terms: series, small, rectangular, fortification, space, roughly, one, Roman mile, build, period, Roman Empire, milefortlet, and mile-fortlet.



The remains of Milecastle 39 (Castle Nick) of Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, England, U.K.

From mile +‎ castle.[1]



milecastle (plural milecastles)

  1. One of a series of small rectangular fortifications, spaced roughly one Roman mile apart, built during the period of the Roman Empire.
    Synonyms: milefortlet, mile-fortlet
    • Roman Mile definition
      An ancient Roman unit of itinerant distance of 1000 paces (mille passus, hence also "mile" from Latin mille, "1000"). Indirectly standardized to 5000 Roman feet by Agrippa in 29 BC. In modern times, Agrippa's Imperial Roman mile is empirically estimated to have been around 1481 meters (1620 yards, 4860 English feet, 0.92 English miles); compared with a modern mile, which is 5280 feet.



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