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This page has 3 definitions of overextend in English. Overextend is a verb. Also define these 9 related words and terms: expand, extend, linguistics, overextension, chess, pawn, vulnerable, opponent, and attack.



over- +‎ extend


overextend (third-person singular simple present overextends, present participle overextending, simple past and past participle overextended)

  1. To expand or extend to an excessive degree, especially to do so beyond a safe limit.
  2. (linguistics, transitive) To apply (a term) to too many referents, by overextension.
  3. (chess, transitive) To push a pawn too far, so that it becomes vulnerable to the opponent's attacks.
    • Opponent definition
      One who opposes another; one who works or takes a position against someone or something; one who attempts to stop the progress of someone or something. (1 of 5 opponent definitions)

Derived terms