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kuspuk definition


This page has two definitions of kuspuk in English. Kuspuk is a noun. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



An Alaska Native woman dancing in a kuspuk (sense 2).
An Alaska Native man in a modern kuspuk (sense 2).

Borrowed from Yup'ik qaspeq,[1] from qai- (surface; top) + -peq (postbase denoting something at a certain place).



kuspuk (plural kuspuks) (Alaska)

  1. (originally) An Alaska Native (traditionally Yup'ik) garment worn on the upper body as an overshirt on top of a parka (long jacket with a hood).
  2. A lightweight parka-like garment with a hood and a large front pocket worn by Alaska Native people of all sexes, either as an overshirt or as a shirt.

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