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vanity press definition


Define the meaning of the English word vanity press below. Vanity press is a noun. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



From vanity +‎ press, so called because such a press may be used by otherwise unpublishable authors who want to see their work in print.



vanity press (plural vanity presses)

  1. (derogatory) A book publisher that lets the author pay the expenses of publishing up front, leaving the risk of financial failure with the author.
    Synonyms: subsidy publisher, vanity publisher
    • 1990 November 12, Jerry Pournelle, “The Vanity Press is Much Harder to Spot on 3½-inch Disks”, in InfoWorld, volume 12, number 46, San Mateo, Calif.: InfoWorld Publishing Group, ISSN 0199-6649, OCLC 818915902, page 88, column 1:
      The self-published book is the joke of the literary world: whether one goes to a printer and has the books made up with one's own imprint, or goes to an "author-subsidized" publisher known in the trade as a "vanity press," doesn't matter: It's easy to tell a real book from the pretenders. [] It's harder to tell with software. A lot of software is published by small startups. Some of these would certainly qualify as vanity press jobs in the book trade, others wouldn't. But there's a far higher number of successes among small software publishers than there are in the usual vanity press book.

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