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This page has 6 definitions of masthead in English. Masthead is a noun and verb. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



mast +‎ head


masthead (plural mastheads)

  1. (nautical) The top of a mast.
  2. (US) A list of a newspaper or other periodical's main staff, contributing writers, publisher, circulation, advertising rates etc.
    Synonym: (UK) imprint
  3. (UK, Australia) The title (normally in a large and distinctive font) of a newspaper or other periodical at the top of the front page; (by extension) the publication itself or the rights to it.
    Synonym: (US) nameplate
    • 2022 July 14, Stephen Johnson, “Aussie woman given flowers in viral stunt blasts TikTok star”, in Mail Online[1]:
      Maree said she felt worse after articles were written about the video, including by this masthead.
  4. (television, by extension) The logo of a broadcaster used in an ident.

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masthead (third-person singular simple present mastheads, present participle mastheading, simple past and past participle mastheaded)

  1. (transitive, nautical) To send to the masthead as a punishment.
    • 1838, Frederick Marryat, Rattlin the Reefer:
      “I was mast-headed, sir.”
      Mast-headed! how - for what?”
    • 2009, Gregory Fremont-Barnes, Nelson's Officers and Midshipmen (page 30)
      When the ship happened to be in a warm climate, mastheading constituted a fairly mild punishment; indeed, many regarded it as rather a relief from duty. But in inclement weather the experience was most unpleasant.
  2. (transitive) To furnish (a newspaper) with a masthead.
    • 1991, John Costello, Ten Days to Destiny (page 542)
      It was mastheaded as "Palatka's Only Independent Home-Owned Newspaper."

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