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Going Down in LA-LA Land

2011 film by Casper Andreas

Going Down in LA-LA Land
Theatrical release poster
Directed byCasper Andreas
Screenplay byCasper Andreas
Based onGoing Down in LA-LA Land
by Andy Zeffer
Produced byCasper Andreas
  • Matthew Ludwinski
  • Allison Lane
  • Michael Medico
CinematographyTimothy Naylor
Edited byAlexander Hammer
Music byMichael W. Barry
  • Embrem Entertainment
  • La-La Land Films
Distributed byPRO-FUN media Filmverleih
Release dates
  • May 1, 2011 (2011-05-01) (Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival)
  • April 20, 2012 (2012-04-20) (United States)
Running time
104 minutes
CountryUnited States

Going Down in LA-LA Land is a 2011 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Swedish filmmaker Casper Andreas and based on the novel by Andy Zeffer.[1] It was released in New York City on April 20, 2012, and in Los Angeles on May 18, 2012.


Unable to find work as an actor in New York, Adam decides to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He moves in with his eccentric but lovable friend Candy, whose fiancé Frank supports her. Adam gets a reception job at a talent agency, but gets fired for showing up late one day. He then meets Nick, a guy from the gym who works as a director and photographer. Nick helps Adam land a job with Jet Set Productions, a company that produces gay pornography.

He is offered extra money to appear in the company's videos, but insists that he only wants to work behind the camera. However, Adam starts to struggle financially when Frank breaks up with Candy. Nick, who is now dating Adam, convinces him to appear in a solo masturbation video under the name "Andrew" in order to help pay his rent. After making more videos, his boss Ron tells him about his escort business where he pairs actors with high-profile clients.

Through his work, Adam is introduced to John, a successful actor from the popular television sitcom Life Lessons. The two start to see each other regularly, and John offers Adam a job as his assistant, which he happily takes. He later encounters Nick, who begs for money after his addiction to meth caused him to lose his job. He also apologizes for how he treated Adam, and leaves.

Sometime later, Adam is then put into the public eye when his porn star career is exposed in several tabloids. While John later explains to him that he knows Adam would not tell anyone about their relationship, he can't risk losing his career by being associated with him. While Candy wants Adam to take advantage of his newfound fame since John fired him, he says he could never hurt John. Adam then almost dies when he mixes alcohol and pills.

While in the hospital, John calls Adam to see if they can meet up without knowing about his accident. Adam then tells John that while he loves him, he can't go back to keeping their relationship a secret. Adam decides to move to Miami and figure out what he wants to do. While packing, John shows up at the apartment and says he wants Adam back into his life. They go outside where a group of paparazzi have been waiting, and kiss in front of the cameras before driving away.


Actor Role
Matthew Ludwinski Adam
Allison Lane Candy
Michael Medico John
Casper Andreas Nick
John Schile Ron
Jesse Archer Matthew
Bruce Vilanch Missy
Judy Tenuta Zinnea
Alec Mapa himself
Perez Hilton Ricky
Daniel Hayes Lucas
Taaffe O'Connell job interviewer
Annie Wood sitcom wife
Michelle Akeley Stacy
Kim Allen Ms. Campbell
Cesar Arambula Oscar party guest #1
Brent Bailey Dean
Anadel Baughn Beverly Hills lawyer
Daniel Berilla Perry
Jeremy Building Dark-haired Model
C. Stephen Browder Marvin
Mark Cirillo Alec Mapa's fan
Damian Corboy production assistant
Scott DeFalco Frank
Spencer Falls baby-faced model
Sean Hemeon Oscar party guest #2
Angelina Hong Kim
William Jackson older actor
Gregg Jacobson sun-burned model
William Thomas Jones Robert
Linda Larson casting director
Claes Lilja Scott
Paul Martignetti Career Waiter
Tom Nobles Wayne
Erik Passoja Mr. Katz
Brian Putnam paparazzi
Kurt Scholler slave
Todd Sherry Collin
Ashley Slaton Starlet
Billy Snow gym sales guy
Geoff Stirling football coach
Sherry Weston older actress


Variety suggested that director Casper Andreas, whose first two films are downplayed as "trivial pursuits", "shows signs of maturing talent" with this film. They concluded that the film was a "polished but entertaining look at biz realities from a gay perspective...well crafted and diverting throughout."[2]

Out magazine's Glenn Payne called the casting of Ludwinski as Adam "pitch perfect", describing his performance as "refreshing and unexpected". In the same review, Payne remarks that "Andreas as a director has cemented his stylistic form with this film and has improved leaps and bounds since his 2004 debut Slutty Summer".[3] Lane, too, is praised for her "loveable but also relatable performance".[3]


The album Going Down in LA-LA Land: (Music from the Motion Picture) was released on March 30, 2012, by Embrem Entertainment.[4] The soundtrack features various artists including music from Candy Apple Blue, SIRPAUL and Adam Joseph.


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