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training wheel definition


This page has 3 definitions of training wheel in English. Training wheel is a noun. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



Prince Carlos, Duke of Parma, riding a bicycle with training wheels (sense 3) in 1973.
A training wheel (sense 3, foreground) on a bicycle.

From training (relating to the moving of a firearm laterally so that it points in a different direction; relating to imparting and acquiring skills) +‎ wheel.[1][2]



training wheel (plural training wheels)

  1. (military, historical) A wheel forming part of the machinery of a cannon or a similar firearm which is turned to train or aim the weapon at a target.
  2. (rail transport, archaic) Synonym of trailing wheel (on a steam locomotive, an unpowered wheel or axle located behind the driving wheels)
  3. (chiefly Canada, US and in the plural, cycling) One of a pair of small wheels, each attached to one side of a bicycle's rear wheel to provide support for new riders.
    Synonyms: stabiliser, stabilizer

Derived terms

  • training wheels (anything designed to make something easier for a novice)



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