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A statue of Daniel Nimham, a sagamore (sense 1.1) or sachem of the Wappinger people.

From an Algonquian language; compare Abenaki sôgmô, sôgemô (chief), Mi'kmaq saqamaw (chief), and Penobscot sagama, sagema, sagemo, sangemo (chief), all ultimately from Proto-Algonquian *sa·kima·wa (male chief).[1] Doublet of sachem.



sagamore (plural sagamores) (US, chiefly historical)

  1. Synonym of sachem
    1. A chief of one or several Native American tribe(s), especially of the Algonquians. [from early 17th c.]
    2. (informal, archaic) An eminent member of a group, or an eminent person in society.
  2. (politics) A high-ranking officer of the Tammany Hall political organization responsible for taking care of its property.
    Coordinate term: wiskinkie
    • 1865, R. G. Horton, “The History of Tammany Society, or, Columbian Order. Chapter V. From 1834 to 1840.”, in D. T. Valentine, Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, New York, N.Y.: Edmund Jones & Co. [for the Common Council], →OCLC, page 876:
      The society elects annually thirteen sachems, which represent the original thirteen States. [] The other officers of the society are a Secretary, Treasurer, Sagamore, and Wiskinkie. The duty of the Sagamore is to take care of the property of the society; that of the Wiskinkie, to act as doorkeeper.

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