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removal definition


This page has 5 definitions of removal in English. Removal is a noun. Examples of how to use removal in a sentence are shown. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



remove +‎ -al



removal (countable and uncountable, plural removals)

  1. The process of removing, or the fact of being removed.
  2. The relocation of a business etc.
  3. The dismissal of someone from office.
    The board decided the removal of the branch manager was the best option after his misbehaviour.
  4. (Ireland) An evening funeral ritual in which the coffin holding the deceased is brought, usually from a funeral home, to the church where the funeral mass will be celebrated the following day. Prayers are said before and after the journey, after which mourners are typically received at the home of the deceased.
  5. (slang, euphemistic) Murder.


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