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oddness definition


This page has two definitions of oddness in English. Oddness is a noun. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



From Middle English oddenesse; equivalent to odd +‎ -ness.


oddness (countable and uncountable, plural oddnesses)

  1. (uncountable) The state or quality of being odd.
  2. (countable) The result or product of being odd.
    • 1714 August 15 (Gregorian calendar), Joseph Addison; Richard Steele, “WEDNESDAY, August 4, 1714”, in The Spectator, number 576; republished in Alexander Chalmers, editor, The Spectator; a New Edition, [], volume VI, New York, N.Y.: D[aniel] Appleton & Company, 1853, OCLC 191120697:
      This humour broke out at first in many little oddnesses: he had never any stated hours for his dinner, supper, or sleep; because, said he, we ought to attend the calls of nature, and not set our appetites to our meals []