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flooring definition


This page has 4 definitions of flooring in English. Flooring is a noun and verb. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



From Middle English floring.



flooring (countable and uncountable, plural floorings)

  1. A floor.
    • 2008 May/Jun, Erin Barnes, “Glossed Over”, in E: The Environmental Magazine, volume 19, number 3, page 21:
      Every day we are exposed to low doses of phthalates in food containers, perfumes, hairsprays, floorings, paints, toys and medical devices.
  2. A material used to make floors.
    • 1994 April 14, Susannah Vesey, “Investment Conference”, in Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta:
      Now that it owns the best-known brand names in residential carpet, don't be surprised if Mohawk Industries sails into new waters - tile, resilient or even wood floorings - Chairman David Kolb hinted Wednesday.
  3. (sports) The act of putting one's opponent on the floor; a knockdown.




  1. present participle of floor