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bewildering definition


This page has 3 definitions of bewildering in English. Bewildering is an adjective, noun and verb. Examples of how to use bewildering in a sentence are shown. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



From bewilder (to confuse, disorientate, or puzzle someone, especially with many different choices) +‎ -ing (suffix forming nouns or noun-like words from verbs, denoting the act of doing something, an action, or the embodiment of an action; and forming the present participles of verbs).[1][2]



bewildering (comparative more bewildering, superlative most bewildering)

  1. Very baffling, confusing, or perplexing, often due to a very large choice being available.
    Synonyms: dizzying, head-scratching, mind-boggling, puzzlesome; see also Thesaurus:confusing
    Antonym: unbewildering
    There was a bewildering collection of curiosities filling the room.
    • 1791–1792 (published 1793), William Wordsworth, “Descriptive Sketches, Taken during a Pedestrian Tour in the Alps”, in Henry [Hope] Reed, editor, The Complete Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Philadelphia, Pa.: Hayes & Zell, [], published 1860, OCLC 6755364, page 33, column 1:
      —At once bewildering mists around him close, / And cold and hunger are the least of woes; / The Demon of the Snow, with angry roar / Descending, shuts for aye his prison door.
    • 1843 December 19, Charles Dickens, “Stave Three. The Second of the Three Spirits.”, in A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas, London: Chapman & Hall, [], OCLC 55746801, pages 98–99:
      The two young Cratchits laughed tremendously at the idea of Peter's being a man of business; and Peter himself looked thoughtfully at the fire from between his collars, as if he were deliberating what particular investments he should favour when he came into the receipt of that bewildering income.

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bewildering (plural bewilderings)

  1. gerund of bewilder: bewilderment.



  1. present participle of bewilder


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