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This page has 8 definitions of belong in English. Belong is a verb and preposition. Examples of how to use belong in a sentence are shown. Also define these 15 related words and terms: proper, place, accepted, group, part, property, spouse, partner, set theory, element, set, deserve, to, of, and belonging.

See also: bêlong



Etymology 1

From Middle English belongen, bilongen, from Middle English be- + longen (to be fitting, be suitable), from Old English langian (to pertain to, suit), equivalent to be- +‎ long (to belong). Compare Saterland Frisian beloangje (to attain, reach, meet), Dutch belangen (to concern), German belangen (to attain, concern).


belong (third-person singular simple present belongs, present participle belonging, simple past and past participle belonged)

  1. (intransitive) To have its proper place.
    Where does this document belong?
    1. (of a person) To be accepted in a group.
      You don’t belong here — get out.
    2. (followed by to) To be a part of a group.
      I don’t belong to them!
    • Accepted definition
      simple past tense and past participle of accept
  2. (intransitive, followed by to) To be part of, or the property of.
    That house belongs to me.
  3. (intransitive, followed by to) To be the spouse or partner of. (Can we add an example for this sense?)
    • Partner definition
      One of each halves of a pair of someone or something that belongs together. (1 of 8 partner definitions)
  4. (intransitive, set theory) (followed by to) To be an element of (a set). The symbol {\displaystyle \in } means belongs to.
    Suppose x {\displaystyle x} belongs to R {\displaystyle \mathbb {R} } ... (— written: x R {\displaystyle x\in \mathbb {R} } )
  5. (obsolete, transitive) To be deserved by.
    • 1953, Ben Jonson, Timber: Or, Discoveries[1], page 70:
      More evils belong us than happen to us.

Usage notes

Derived terms
  • Jersey Dutch: belânge

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Etymology 2

Compare Kriol blanga, Bislama blong, Tok Pisin bilong, and Torres Strait Creole blong.

Alternative forms

  • blung, b'longta, b'longa, belonga, blonga



  1. (Australian Aboriginal, optionally followed by to) Of, belonging to.
    • 1915, E. R. Masson, Untamed Territory:
      Jim Campbell, Charlie, Dick, ... Fred, lubra b’longa him, me, thass all.
    • 1936, M. & E. Durack, Chunuma:
      By an’ bye ’im grow ’m up make ’m good fella stockman b’longta you.
    • 1977, N. Kolig, Playing Alonga Mud:
      Those who had persevered with the course and had acquired some skill were now almost deferentially called ‘Maban (expert) belonga clay’.
    • 1986 December, Kowanyama News:
      Them two bin help’m too, and that father blung to this one old Frank.
    • 1986, B. Shaw, Countrymen:
      There’s the bloke that’s kill that feller, uncle belong you an me.
    • 1991, D. B. Rose, Hidden Histories:
      Get that fire [wood] stacked up like that tree there, that high ... It wasn’t wood belong to that fire pile. Might be for station, or somebody else, you know.
    • Of definition
      Expressing distance or motion.
      1. From (of distance, direction), "off".
      2. Since, from (a given time, earlier state etc.).
      3. From, away from (a position, number, distance etc.). (1 of 50 of definitions)