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Ireland definition


This page has 10 definitions of Ireland in English. Ireland is a proper noun. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .


Location of the island of Ireland.


From Middle English Ireland, Irelond, Irlond, Irland, from Old English Īrland. Perhaps also from Middle Irish Éire + -land. Ultimately from Old Irish Ériu (Ireland). See Irish.


Proper noun


  1. A large island in northwestern Europe.
  2. A republic occupying the majority-area of the island of Ireland, with Northern Ireland occupying the rest of the island. Also known as the Republic of Ireland since 1949.
  3. A surname.
  4. Other places named Ireland:
    1. A hamlet in Southill parish, Central Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire, England (OS grid ref TL1341).
    2. A community in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, Canada.
    3. An unincorporated community in Madison Township, Dubois County, Indiana, United States.
    4. An unincorporated community in Lewis County, West Virginia, United States.


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