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Japanese manga magazine

The cover of the October 26, 1975 issue of Shōjo Comic
CategoriesShōjo manga[1][2]
FrequencyMonthly (1968–1969)
Semimonthly (1969–1970)
Weekly (1970–1978)
Semimonthly (1978–present)
(July–September 2016)
First issue1968
Based inTokyo

Sho-Comi (少コミ, Shōcomi), formerly published under its full name Shōjo Comic (少女コミック) until December 2007,[3] is a shōjo manga magazine published semimonthly in Japan by Shogakukan since 1968.

The manga featured in Sho-Comi are later compiled and published in book form (tankōbon) under the Flower Comics imprint.

Sho-Comi Intro articles: 4


Beginning with the January 2008 issue published in December 2007, the magazine was renamed Sho-Comi. [3]




Sho-Comi Serializations articles: 23


In 2007, the Japanese National PTA Conference ranked Sho-Comi the worst manga magazine for young children due to its excessive sexual content.[11][12] Many concerned parents have advised publishers to be more wary of the availability of these magazines to young readers.[13]

From January to March 2019, Sho-Comi had 70,000 physical copies in circulation, which later dropped to 68,000 from April to June 2019.[14] From July to September 2019, the magazine had 63,000 physical copies in circulation.[15]

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