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Nasdem Party

Political party in Indonesia

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National Democratic Party

Partai NasDem (Nasional Demokrat)
General ChairmanSurya Paloh
Secretary-GeneralJohnny G. Plate
Founded11 November 2011; 9 years ago (11 November 2011)
Split fromGolkar
Student wingNasdem Colleger's League (Liga Mahasiswa NasDem)
Youth wingNasdem Youth Guard (Garda Pemuda NasDem)
Women's wingGarnita Malahayati (Malahayati Women's Guard)
International affiliationProgressive Alliance[2]
SloganTransformation Movement (Indonesian: Gerakan Perubahan)
Ballot number5
DPR seats
59 / 575
Provincial DPRD seats
185 / 2,207

The Nasdem Party (Indonesian: Partai NasDem) is a political party in Indonesia. It is partly funded by media baron Surya Paloh who founded the similarly named organization, National Democrats (Indonesian: Nasional Demokrat). Despite this, and logo similarity, Nasional Demokrat has insisted that it is not linked with the party.[3][4][5]

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The Party has its origins in a youth-focused NGO called Nasional Demokrat (National Democrats) founded by Surya Paloh, who owns the media conglomerate Media Group, and Hamengkubuwono X, the sultan of Yogyakarta in 2010. It received extensive coverage on media owned by Surya Paloh. In 2011, Hamengkubuwono left the organization, unhappy with its transformation into a political party. Less than a month later, Surya Paloh formed the Nasdem Party, and appointed former National Mandate Party (PAN) politician Patrice Rio Capella as its first chairman.

The party was officially declared on 26 July 2011, although it had previously registered to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in March. At the party's first convention in January 2013, Surya Paloh was appointed party chairman for the 2013 - 2018 term. The conference also conferred on him full authority to determine party strategy and policies and to win the 2014 election. Later the same month, one of the other founders and financial backers, media tycoon Hary Tanoesoedibjo, founder of the huge Media Nusantara Citra media group, suddenly left the party in protest at Surya Paloh's appointment and defected to the People's Conscience Party, led by former general Wiranto. Hary subsequently became that party's vice-presidential candidate. In late 2013 the Nasdem Party applied to contest the 2014 elections, and on 7 January 2014 the General Elections Commission (KPU) announced that the Nasdem was the only new party that met all the requirements. It competed along with 12 other national parties.[6][7]

Before founding the party, Surya Paloh had been a senior member of the Golkar Party for 40 years and rose to become chairman of the party's advisory council. He contested the presidential nomination at the 2004 Golkar convention, but lost. In 2009, Golkar nominated Jusuf Kalla as its candidate. However, Surya Paloh has "repeatedly denied" that he formed the Nasdem Party to allow him to run for the presidency again.[8]

During the 2014 election campaign, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission criticized Surya Paloh-owned news network MetroTV for its excessive coverage of the party.[9]

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Party platform

According to the party website, the party's policies are to:[10]

  • Fulfill the needs of the people
  • Reject democracy that merely complicates governance without bringing about general prosperity and that only leads to power routinely changing hands without producing quality leaders that set an example.
  • Build a mature democracy
  • Build a democracy based on strong people who are called on to bring about a bright future
  • Restore the ideals of the Indonesian Republic.
  • Support the constitutional mandate to build a prosperous nation based on the principles of economic democracy, a law-based state that holds human rights in high regard, and a nation that recognizes diversity
  • Bring about a nation that is just, prosperous and sovereign through a Movement for Change to Restore Indonesia.

Election results

Legislative election results

Election Ballot number Total seats won Total votes Share of votes Outcome of election Party leader
2014 1
36 / 560
8,402,812 6.72%[11] 36 seats, Governing coalition Surya Paloh
2019 5
59 / 575
12,661,792 9.05%[12] 23 seats, Governing coalition Surya Paloh

Presidential election results

Election Ballot number Candidate Running mate 1st round
(total votes)
Share of votes Outcome 2nd round
(total votes)
Share of votes Outcome
2014 2 Joko Widodo[13] Jusuf Kalla 70,997,833 53.15% Elected Y
2019 01 Joko Widodo Ma'ruf Amin 85,607,362 55.50% Elected Y

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