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2020 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony

Opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Paralympics

2020 Summer Paralympics
opening ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Date24 August 2021; 9 days ago (2021-08-24)
Time20:00 – 22:54 JST (UTC+9)[1]
LocationTokyo, Japan
Theme"Moving Forward: We Have Wings"[2]
Filmed byOBS on behalf of the Japan Consortium

The 2020 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony took place on 24 August 2021 at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.[3][4] The theme of the opening ceremony was "Moving Forward: We Have Wings" and thus surrounded the theme of aviation, airplanes, airports, and everything that involved air travel.[2]

Weather conditions

  • 20:00 temperature 28.1 °C (82.6 °F) humidity 69% [5]
  • 23:00 temperature 26.8 °C (80.2 °F) humidity 80%
  • At the observation point, it rained at each hour of 20:00, 22:00, and 23:00 to the extent that an hourly rainfall of 0 (mm) was recorded.[6]


Opening declaration by Emperor Naruhito (at Japan National Stadium on 24 August 2021)

The Japan National Stadium, also referred to as the Olympic Stadium, served as the main stadium for the opening ceremony. The stadium will also serve as the main stadium for the closing ceremony, and the athletics/track and field events.[7]

Parade of nations

In the announcement of the Refugee Paralympic Team, it was stated that the team would enter first in the parade of nations.[8] The rest of the countries entered in the Japanese Gojūon alphabetical order, with the last three teams being the United States, France, and Japan as the current host of the Paralympics as the final team and the next two hosts being Los Angeles 2028 and Paris 2024, so the United States and France entered as the final two teams before the Japanese team. Unlike the Olympics, Greece does not enter at the start of the parade, but rather in the middle of the alphabetical order.


Japanese pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii was among the musicians who participated in the Opening Ceremony, although not in person. A recording of a composition by him ("House of Wind"), performed with an orchestra, was played while the flag of Japan was carried on stage.[9] 13 year old Yui Wago performed the role of the 'Little One-Winged Plane'.[10]


Dignitaries in attendance

Dignitaries (at Japan National Stadium on 24 August 2021)

Host country dignitaries

Dignitaries from international organizations

Dignitaries from abroad


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In the video on the website (sports.nhk.or.jp), you can watch it in the full version of 3 hours 5 minutes 36 seconds. Japan only.