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1991 Junior Pot Black

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Junior Pot Black 91
Tournament information
DatesSummer 1991 (Broadcast 20–30 August 1991)
VenuePebble Mill Studios
FormatNon-Ranking event
Highest break Ronnie O'Sullivan (92)?
Champion Ronnie O'Sullivan
Runner-up Declan Murphy
2006 →

The 1991 Junior Pot Black was the fourth staging of the junior snooker tournament and the first since 1983 which was held in the Pebble Mill Studios in Birmingham. 8 young players were competing in a knockout format. The matches are one-frame shoot-outs, a two frame aggregate score in the semi-final and best of three frames in the final.

Broadcast during school holiday mornings on BBC1 on the first week and BBC2 during the second and the series started at 11:05 on Tuesday 20 August 1991.[1] Eammon Holmes presented the programme with Ted Lowe and John Spencer as commentators and John Williams as referee.

Future professional players in this revived series include Ronnie O'Sullivan, Matthew Stevens and Lee Walker. O'Sullivan won the series beating Ireland's Declan Murphy 2–0 with a 92 break in the first frame.[2]

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Main draw

Quarter-finals 20–23 August 1991 Semi-finals 28 and 29 August 1991 Final 30 August 1991
Ronnie O'Sullivan 1
Evan Munro 0 Ronnie O'Sullivan 1
Gary Crawford 1 Gary Crawford 0
Lee Walker 0 Ronnie O'Sullivan 2
Daniel Buskin 0 Declan Murphy 0
Matthew Stevens 1 Matthew Stevens 0
Declan Murphy 1 Declan Murphy 1
Alan Burnett 0


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