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1990 Liberal Party of Canada leadership election

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1990 Liberal Party of Canada leadership election

← 1984 June 23, 1990 2003 →
Candidate Jean Chrétien Paul Martin Sheila Copps
Votes 2,652 1,176 499
Percentage 56.8% 25.19% 10.69%

Candidate Tom Wappel John Nunziata
Votes 267 64
Percentage 5.72% 1.37%

Leader before election

John Turner[1]

Elected Leader

Jean Chrétien

1990 Liberal leadership election
DateJune 23, 1990
ConventionOlympic Saddledome,
Calgary, Alberta
Resigning leaderJohn Turner
Won byJean Chrétien
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The 1990 Liberal Party of Canada leadership election was held on 23 June 1990 in Calgary, Alberta. The party chose former Deputy Prime Minister Jean Chrétien as its new leader, replacing the outgoing leader, former Prime Minister John Turner.

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Supporters in caucus: Jack Anawak, Mark Assad, George Baker, Réginald Bélair, David Berger, Charles Caccia, Coline Campbell, Rex Crawford, Keith Davey (Senator), David Dingwall, Maurice Dionne, Ronald Duhamel, Sheila Finestone, Maurice Foster, Beryl Gaffney, Alfonso Gagliano, Mac Harb, Bob Kaplan, Jim Karygiannis, Leo Kolber (Senator), Derek Lee, Lawrence MacAulay, Roy MacLaren, Shirley Maheu, Sergio Marchi, Peter Milliken, Dennis Mills, Rey Pagtakhan, Gilbert Parent, George Proud, Pietro Rizzuto (Senator), Fernand Robichaud, Bill Rompkey, Roger Simmons, Brian Tobin, Lyle Vanclief, Bob Wood

Supporters in caucus: Maurizio Bevilacqua, Jesse Flis, Albina Guarnieri, Jean Lapierre, Paul Martin, Jim Peterson, Gilles Rocheleau, Joe Volpe

Supporters in caucus: John Nunziata

Supporters in caucus: Tom Wappel

(Sources used: "30 MPs endorse Chrétien", Toronto Star, 24 January 1990; Shelley Page, "Liberal MPs jockey for favor with new boss over leadership", Toronto Star, 22 May 1990; Geoff Pounsett, "Missing Meech deadline won't kill Canada: Chrétien", Kingston Whig-Standard, 28 May 1990, p. 2; Ross Howard, "Liberal candidates fight over Meech Chrétien scolded by Martin, Copps ", Globe and Mail, 21 June 1990, A1; David Vienneau, "Martin says he'll run again", Toronto Star, 25 June 1990.)

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  • Clifford Lincoln, 61, had been Quebec Minister of the Environment in the provincial Liberal government of Robert Bourassa until resigning due to a dispute over language policy. He announced his candidacy for the federal Liberal leadership but withdrew after he was defeated in his attempt to win a seat in the House of Commons in the February 12, 1990 Chambly by-election.

Declined to run

  • Herb Gray, 59, MP for Windsor West since 1968. He ultimately decided against running, but served as the party's parliamentary leader from February until December 1990, when Chrétien won a by-election and entered parliament.


Candidate Votes %
First Ballot
Jean Chrétien 2,652 56.81%
Paul Martin 1,176 25.19%
Sheila Copps 499 10.69%
Tom Wappel 267 5.72%
John Nunziata 64 1.37%
Spoiled ballots 10 0.21%
Total votes cast 4,668

First ballot
Spoilt ballots

Notes and references

  1. ^ Turner was party leader going into the convention. Gray was only leader of the opposition & never interim party leader

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