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1990–91 Ashes series

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1990-91 Ashes Series
Part of the English cricket team in Australia in 1990-91
Date23 November 1990 - 5 February 1991
ResultAustralia won the 5-Test series 3-0
Player of the seriesBruce Reid
 Australia  England
Allan Border Allan Lamb (stand-in)
Graham Gooch
Most runs
David Boon (530)
Greg Matthews (353)
Geoff Marsh (314)
Graham Gooch (426)
David Gower (407)
Mike Atherton (279)
Most wickets
Bruce Reid (27)
Craig McDermott (18)
Terry Alderman (16)
Devon Malcolm (16)
Angus Fraser (11)
Phil DeFreitas (10)

The England cricket team toured Australia in the 1990–91 season to play a five-match Test series against Australia for The Ashes. The Australians were the holders, having reclaimed the Ashes in England during the 1989 Ashes series, however the 1986-87 Ashes series, which was the previous series in Australia had been won by England. The English tourists were confident their home series loss in 1989 had been a blemish and that they were more than capable of reclaiming the Ashes 'down under'. The tourists were seemingly well prepared. During their home summer they had 1-0 victories in 3-test series against both India and New Zealand, and had played well in their warm-up matches.

However the Australians, led by the authoritative Allan Border were in a ruthless mood. They had home series victories against Sri Lanka and Pakistan, but had lost a one-off test to New Zealand since the 1989 Ashes series victory, and Border and his men were determined to defend the trophy. The Australians came out aggressively from the start, and combined with moments of bad-luck for the tourists, proved too much pressure for the England side to handle. The five test series was won 3-0 by Australia. However, unlike the 1989 series, only the final test was an outright walkover: England showed considerably more fight than they had two years previously, and in fact narrowly had the better of the first innings in the first two Tests, but in each case suffered a second-innings batting collapse leaving Australia a comparatively small target to chase. The third Test was almost a reverse of the first two, Australia taking a narrow first innings lead (England actually declaring while still short of the Australian total), but collapsing in the second innings: however, stalwart defence by their last two wickets held England up for a couple of hours on the last day, and left them with just not enough time to chase the runs. And in the fourth Test, Australia took a large first-innings lead, and declared in their second innings to set England an improbably high target in the final innings: but they made such a good fist of the chase that the match could have swung either way if an extra day had been available.

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Test matches

First Test (23–25 November)

23–25 November 1990
194 (78 overs)
DI Gower 61 (121)
BA Reid 4/53 [18]
152 (63 overs)
GRJ Matthews 35 (93)
CC Lewis 3/29 [9]
114 (53.1 overs)
DI Gower 27 (44)
TM Alderman 6/47 [22]
157/0 (46 overs)
GR Marsh 72* (154)
Australia won by 10 wickets
The Gabba, Brisbane
Umpires: AR Crafter (Aus) and PJ McConnell (Aus)
Player of the match: TM Alderman (Aus)
  • Australia lead the five test series 1–0.

Second Test (26–30 December)

26–30 December 1990
352 (131.4 overs)
DI Gower 100 (170)
BA Reid 6/97 [39]
306 (112.5 overs)
AR Border 62 (164)
ARC Fraser 6/82 [39]
150 (73 overs)
GA Gooch 58 (116)
BA Reid 7/51 [22]
197/2 (86 overs)
DC Boon 94* (234)
ARC Fraser 1/33 [20]
Australia won by 8 wickets
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Umpires: AR Crafter (Aus) and PJ McConnell (Aus)
Player of the match: BA Reid (Aus)
  • Australia lead the five test series 2–0.

Third Test (4–8 January)

4–8 January 1991
518 (157 overs)
GRJ Matthews 128 (175)
DE Malcolm 4/128 [45]
469/8d (172.1 overs)
DI Gower 123 (236)
TM Alderman 3/62 [20.1]
205 (89 overs)
IA Healy 69 (160)
PCR Tufnell 5/61 [37]
113/4 (25 overs)
GA Gooch 54 (42)
GRJ Matthews 2/26 [9]
Match drawn
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Umpires: AR Crafter (Aus) and PJ McConnell (Aus)
Player of the match: MA Atherton (Eng)

Australia lead the five test series 2–0.

Fourth Test (25–29 January)

25–29 January 1991
386 (135.2 overs)
ME Waugh 138 (188)
PAJ DeFreitas 4/56 [26.2]
229 (81.3 overs)
GA Gooch 87 (197)
CJ McDermott 5/97 [26.3]
314/6d (104 overs)
DC Boon 121 (277)
PCR Tufnell 1/28 [16]
335/5 (96 overs)
GA Gooch 117 (188)
BA Reid 2/59 [23]
Match drawn
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Umpires: LJ King (Aus) and TA Prue (Aus)
Player of the match: GA Gooch (Eng)
  • Australia lead the five test series 2–0.

Fifth Test (1–5 February)

1–5 February 1991
244 (66.4 overs)
AJ Lamb 91 (122)
CJ McDermott 8/97 [24.4]
307 (90.5 overs)
DC Boon 64 (124)
DE Malcolm 3/94 [30]
182 (61.3 overs)
RA Smith 43 (70)
MG Hughes 4/37 [20]
120/1 (31.2 overs)
GR Marsh 63* (110)
PAJ DeFreitas 1/29 [6.2]
Australia won by 9 wickets
WACA Ground, Perth
Umpires: SG Randell (Aus) and CD Timmins (Aus)
Player of the match: CJ McDermott (Aus)
  • Australia won the five test series 3–0.

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  • Chris Harte, A History of Australian Cricket, Andre Deutsch, 1993