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1989 Malagasy presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Madagascar on 12 March 1989. Incumbent President Didier Ratsiraka of AREMA won with over 60% of the vote. Voter turnout was 81.04%.[1]

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Didier RatsirakaAREMA2,891,33362.71
Manandafy RakotonirinaMovement for Proletarian Power891,16119.33
Jérôme Marojama RazanabahinyPopular Movement for National Unity688,34514.93
Monja JaonaMadagascar for the Malagasy139,7353.03
Valid votes4,610,57497.69
Invalid/blank votes108,9942.31
Total votes4,719,568100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,823,77881.04
Source: EISA


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