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1988 Philippine local elections

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1988 Philippine local election

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This article on elections in the Philippines give information on election and election results in the Philippines.

Local elections for a new set of local and municipal officials were held on January 18, 1988 under the new Constitution of the Philippines which was ratified in 1987.

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Candidates from the PDP-Laban, KBL, PDP-Laban-Lakas ng Bansa, PDP, Biled Ti La Union, Nacionalista Party, Balane, PDP-Laban-Liberal Party, Magdalo, Cory Coalition, National Union of Christian Democrats, Independent Nacionalista ALLIEN, Laban, Pinaghiusa, CCA-Unido, Partido Demokrasya Sosyalista, OMPIA Party, Timawa Party and Unido-LP-Laban, and independents contested in the elections.

Election Day

These elections were less fraudulent than the congressional elections, as the ruling party had limited capacity for wholesale fraud. The vigilance of the electorate, media, and the opposition safeguarded the exercise from manipulation. Elections in "hot spots" were postponed by COMELEC to prevent possible violent encounters between rivals. Most of the candidates endorsed by Cory Aquino won the support of the majority of the electorate.

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