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1987 in literature

Literature-related events during 1987

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This article presents lists of the literary events and publications of 1987.


  • January 2Golliwogs in Enid Blyton children's books are replaced by the British publisher with gnomes after complaints of a racial offence implication.[1]
  • April – K. W. Jeter coins the term "Steampunk" in a letter published in Locus: the magazine of the science fiction & fantasy field.
  • June – Virago Press of London publishes Down the Road, Worlds Away, a collection of short stories ostensibly by Rahila Khan, a young Muslim woman living in England. Three weeks later, Toby Forward, an Anglican clergyman, admits to writing them and the publisher withdraws the book. "He, unlike the editors at Virago, had grown up in precisely the kind of area and social conditions that the book described.... Although the book never claimed to be other than a work of fiction, the publishers destroyed the stock still in the warehouse and recalled all unsold copies from the bookshops, thus turning it into an expensive bibliographical rarity."[2]
  • July 31 – The United Kingdom Attorney General takes legal proceedings on security grounds against the London paper The Daily Telegraph to prevent it publishing details of the book Spycatcher.[3] On September 23, an Australian court lifts its ban on the book's publication.[4]
  • August – A new building for the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington opens.

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  • Mina Adampour, Norwegian journalist, politician and activist of Iranian origin
  • Katherine Rundell, English children's writer and academic brought up in Zimbabwe and Belgium

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United Kingdom

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Fiction: Joan Chase, Pam Durban, Deborah Eisenberg, Alice McDermott, David Foster Wallace
Poetry: Mark Cox, Michael Ryan
Nonfiction: Mindy Aloff, Gretel Ehrlich
Plays: Reinaldo Povod



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