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1982 Guatemalan general election

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1982 Guatemalan general election

← 1978 7 March 1982 1985 →
Nominee Aníbal Guevara Mario Sandoval
Home state Escuintla Guatemala City
Running mate Ramiro Ponce Leonel Sisniega
Electoral vote 34 0
Popular vote 379,051 275,487
Percentage 38.86% 28.24%

President before election

Romeo Lucas García

President after election

Results annulled
(Ángel Aníbal Guevara overthrown by military junta)

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General elections were held in Guatemala on 7 March 1982.[1] Ángel Aníbal Guevara, hand-picked successor of previous president Romeo Lucas García, was declared the winner of the presidential election and was scheduled to take office on 1 July. However, the election was widely denounced as fraudulent by elements on both sides of the political spectrum and an army-led coup d'état on 23 March instead installed the three-man junta of General Efraín Ríos Montt, General Horacio Maldonado Schaad, and Colonel Francisco Luis Gordillo Martínez.

Voter turnout was 45.83% in the presidential election.

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Candidate Party Votes %
Ángel Aníbal Guevara Popular Democratic Front¹ (FPD) 379,051 38.86
Mario Sandoval Alarcón National Liberation Movement (MLN) 275,487 28.24
Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre National Opposition Union² (UNO) 221,810 22.74
Gustavo Anzueto Vielnam Nationalist Authentic Centre (CAN) 99,047 10.15
Invalid/blank votes 103,997 -
Total 1,079,392 100
Source: Nohlen

¹ The Popular Democratic Front was an alliance of the Institutional Democratic Party, the Revolutionary Party and the National Unity Front.

² the National Opposing Union was an alliance of Guatemalan Christian Democracy and the National Renewal Party.


Party Votes % Seats +/-
Popular Democratic Front 33 +2
National Liberation Movement 21 +1
National Opposition Union³ 9 +2
Nationalist Authentic Centre 3 New
Invalid/blank votes - - -
Total 66 +5

³ Of the nine seats won by the UNO, seven were taken by Guatemalan Christian Democracy and two by the National Renewal Party.

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