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1981 World Series of Poker

The 1981 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was a series of poker tournaments held at Binion's Horseshoe.

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Preliminary events

Event Winner Prize Runner-up
$1,000 Draw High Ed Barmach $18,000 Jackie Mills
$600 Mixed Doubles Frank Cardone & Juanda Matthews $7,800 Unknown
$1,500 No Limit Hold'em Fred David $96,000 Doug Johnson
$1,000 Seven Card Stud Sid Gamerman $52,000 Mark Speert
$400 Ladies' Seven Card Stud Ruth Godfrey $17,600 Jackie Jean
$1,000 Seven Card Razz Bruce Hershenson $34,500 Bob Ross
$1,000 Seven Card Stud Split Johnny Moss $33,500 Ralph Bidwell
$5,000 Seven Card Stud A. J. Myers $67,500 Eric Drache
$2,500 Ace to Five Draw Mickey Perry $46,250 Jack Straus
$1,000 No Limit Hold'em Dody Roach $81,000 Unknown
$1,000 Ace to Five Draw Glen Rodgers $44,000 Rick Morella
$10,000 Deuce to Seven Draw Stu Ungar $95,000 Bobby Baldwin

Main Event

There were 75 entrants to the main event. Each paid $10,000 to enter the tournament. This main event was notable as the first one to have all final table players to receive a share of the prize pool. The final hand saw Green with 10 9 and Ungar with A Q, and the board was 7 8 4 4 Q.[1] The 1981 Main Event was Stu Ungar's second consecutive World Championship.

Final table

Place Name Prize
1st Stu Ungar $375,000
2nd Perry Green $150,000
3rd Gene Fisher $75,000
4th Ken Smith $37,500
5th Bill Smith $37,500
6th Jay Heimowitz $30,000

Other High Finishes

NB: This list is restricted to top 30 finishers with an existing Wikipedia entry.

Place Name Prize
7th Bobby Baldwin $15,000

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