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1974 Florida gubernatorial election

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1974 Florida gubernatorial election

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Nominee Reubin Askew Jerry Thomas
Party Democratic Republican
Running mate J. H. Williams Mike Thompson
Popular vote 1,118,954 709,438
Percentage 61.2% 38.8%

County Results

Askew:      50–60%      60–70%      70–80%

Thomas:      50–60%      60–70%      70–80%

Governor before election

Reubin Askew

Elected Governor

Reubin Askew

In the Florida gubernatorial election of 1974, the sitting Governor of Florida was re-elected. This was just the second time after 1956, and the first that the Governor of Florida was re-elected for the second four-year term.

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Democratic nomination

Incumbent Reubin O'Donovan Askew faced little opposition in the Democratic Party primary. Despite a challenge from his own Lieutenant Governor Thomas Burton Adams, Jr., Askew, a popular member of the New Southerner political generation, was renominated easily in primary on September 5:[1]

J. H. Williams became Askew's running mate for second term.

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