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1968 Cook Islands general election

1968 Cook Islands general election

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22 seats in the Legislative Assembly
13 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats ±
CIP Albert Henry 64.45 16 +2
UCI Ngatupuna Matepi 33.55 6 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Premier before Premier after
Albert Henry
Albert Henry
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General elections were held in the Cook Islands on 1 May 1968. The result was a victory for the Cook Islands Party (CIP), which won 16 seats, a gain of two from the 1965 elections. The newly formed United Cook Islanders won the other six seats to become the parliamentary opposition. CIP leader Albert Henry continued as Prime Minister.

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In February a new party, the United Cook Islanders (UCI), was formed. Its members included former cabinet members Mana Strickland and Manea Tamarua. The new party launched its manifesto on 8 April.[1]

A total of 55 candidates contested the elections; 23 from the CIP (two candidates from the party ran against each other in Pukapuka, and four candidates from the party contested the three seats in Takitumu), 18 from the UCI and six independents.[2] Former Leader of Government Business Dick Charles Brown had intended to run as an independent, but withdrew.[3] The CIP candidates were returned unopposed in Mauke and Mitiaro.[2]

The campaign period during April saw meetings held almost every night, with CIP meetings initially drawing crowds of several hundred, rising to over 1,300 by the end of the campaign.[3] In contrast, UCI meetings were usually attended by fewer than 100 people.[3]

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The CIP won all nine seats in Rarotonga, and gained the three Aitutaki seats, which had been won by the Independent Group in 1965. The UCI's former ministers, Strickland and Tamarua, both lost their seats.[3]

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Cook Islands Party 12,202 64.45 16 +2
United Cook Islanders 6,352 33.55 6 New
Independents 379 2.00 0 0
Total 18,933 100 22 0
Valid votes 6,858 99.33
Invalid/blank votes 46 0.67
Total 6,904 100
Registered voters/turnout 7,223 95.58
Source: Stone

Elected members

Constituency Member Party Notes
Aitutaki William Estall Cook Islands Party Re-elected (previously Independent Group)
Nga Upu Cook Islands Party
Joe Williams Cook Islands Party
Atiu Vainerere Tangatapoto United Cook Islanders
Tangata Simiona United Cook Islanders Re-elected (previously United Political Party)
Mangaia Pokino Aberahama United Cook Islanders Re-elected (previously United Political Party)
Ngatupuna Matepi United Cook Islanders Re-elected (previously United Political Party)
Manihiki Naro Temu Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Mauke Tupui Henry Cook Islands Party Re-elected unopposed
Mitiaro Raui Pokoati Cook Islands Party Re-elected unopposed
Penrhyn Tangaroa Tangaroa United Cook Islanders Re-elected (previously United Political Party)
Puaikura Tamataia Pera Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Taru Moana Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Pukapuka–Nassau Inatio Akaruru Cook Islands Party
Rakahanga Pupuke Robati United Cook Islanders Re-elected (previously Independent Group)
Takitumu Tiakana Numanga Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Samuela Samuela Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Apenera Short Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Te-au-o-Tonga Albert Henry Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Teanua Kamana Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Teaukura Roi Cook Islands Party
Kamate Nangaiti Cook Islands Party
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly

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Further reading

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