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1957 British Guiana general election

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1957 British Guiana general election

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14 seats in the Legislative Council
8 seats needed for a majority
Turnout118,564 (55.79%)
  First party Second party
Leader Cheddi Jagan Forbes Burnham
Party PPP-Jaganite PPP-Burnhamite
Leader since 1 January 1950 13 February 1955
Leader's seat Eastern Berbice Georgetown Central
Seats won
9 / 14
3 / 14
Popular vote 55,552 29,802
Percentage 47.50% 25.48%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Lionel Luckhoo John Carter
Leader since 1956 1952
Leader's seat Georgetown North
Georgetown South
Seats won
1 / 14
1 / 14
Popular vote 13,465 9,564
Percentage 11.51% 8.18%

Premier before election


Elected Premier

Cheddi Jagan

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General elections were held in British Guiana on 12 August 1957.[1] The result was a victory for the faction of the People's Progressive Party led by Cheddi Jagan, who remained Prime Minister.[2]

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A total of 55 candidates contested the elections, including six independents. The National Labour Front was the only party to run a candidate in every Legislative Council seat, with the two factions of the PPP both contesting 13 seats. The United Democratic Party (UDP) contested eight seats and the Guiana National Party one.[3]

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Party Votes % Seats +/–
People's Progressive Party (Jaganite) 55,552 47.50 9 –6
People's Progressive Party (Burnhamite) 29,802 25.48 3
National Labour Front 13,465 11.51 1 New
United Democratic Party 9,564 8,18 1 New
Guiana National Party 199 0.17 0
Independents 8,357 7.15 0 –4
Invalid/blank votes 1,625
Total 118,564 100 14 –10
Registered voters/turnout 212,518 55.79
Source: GECOM

Elected members

Constituency Member Party
Berbice River Ajodha Singh People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Central Demerara Balram Singh Rai People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Demerara-Essequibo Ram Karran People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Demerara River Fred Bowman People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Eastern Berbice Cheddi Jagan People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Eastern Demerara Edward Balkaran Beharry People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Essequibo River Brindley Benn People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Georgetown Central Forbes Burnham People's Progressive Party (Burnham)
Georgetown North Andrew Leonard Jackson People's Progressive Party (Burnham)
Georgetown South Jainarine Singh People's Progressive Party (Burnham)
New Amsterdam Rudy Kendall United Democratic Party
North Western District Stephen Campbell National Labour Front
Western Berbice Sheik Mohamed Saffee People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Western Essequibo Janet Jagan People's Progressive Party (Jagan)
Source: Parliament of Guyana


After the elections, the Burnhamite faction of the PPP merged with the UDP to form the People's National Congress.[1]

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