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1956 Trinidad and Tobago general election

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General elections were held in Trinidad and Tobago on 24 September 1956.[1] The result was a victory for the People's National Movement, which won 13 of the 24 seats. Voter turnout was 80.1%.[2]

A notable contest was the Tunapuna seat, where former West Indies cricketer Learie Constantine representing the PNM fought Radio Trinidad announcer Surujpat Mathura in the seat of Tunapuna; Constantine won.

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Party Votes % Seats +/-
People's National Movement 105,513 39.8 13 New
People's Democratic Party 55,148 20.8 5 New
British Empire Citizens' and Workers' Home Rule Party 104,242 39.4 2 -4
Caribbean National Labour Party 0 New
Caribbean People's Democratic Party 0 New
Party of Political Progress Groups 0 -2
Progressive Democratic Party 0 New
Trinidad Labour Party-National Development Party 2 0
West Indian Independence Party 0 New
Independents 2 -4
Invalid/blank votes 6,991
Total 271,534 100 24 +6
Source: Nohlen


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