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1953 South American Championship Final

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1953 South American Championship Final
Estadio Nacional de Lima, venue
Event1953 South American Championship
DateApril 1, 1953
VenueEstadio Nacional, Lima
RefereeCharles Dean (England)

The 1953 South American Championship Final was the final match to determine the South American Cup champion. It was held on April 1, 1953, in Estadio Nacional of Lima, Peru.

Paraguay won the match against Brazil by a 3–2 score, winning its first continental title.[1]

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Some journalists stated that Paraguay's best moments in football were during those years.[2] In fact, the Paraguayan side achieved some notable results such as the 5–1 win to Argentina (current South American champion by then) in July 1945.

Other good performances by the Paraguayan team had been the 3rd place in 1946 –with goalkeeper Sinforiano García (considered as one of the greatest in Paraguayan football) as its most notable player–, the 2nd place in 1947 and the win over Brazil on group stage in 1949 (although the host country would thrash Paraguay 7–0 in the final).[3]

After former player Manuel Fleitas Solich was appointed coach, Paraguay started a hard training routine with the purpose of being in the best shape for the 1953 South American tournament. Results were highly satisfactory so Paraguay crowned champion unbeaten, winning Brazil in the final and taking revenge on the 1949 final.[3]

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Match details

Paraguay  3–2  Brazil
Atilio López  14'
Gavilán  17'
Fernández  41'
Baltazar  56'65'
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Charles Dean (England)
GK Adolfo Riquelme
RB Heriberto Herrera
LB Melanio Olmedo
RH Manuel Gavilán
CH Victoriano Leguizamón
LH Ireneo Hermosilla
OR Ángel Berni
IR Atilio López
CF Rubén Fernández
IL Juan A. Romero
OL Antonio R. Gómez
MF Silvio Parodi
MF Luis Lacasa
MF Inocencio González
Manuel Fleitas Solich
GK Castilho
RB Djalma Santos
CB Haroldo
LB Nílton Santos
RH Bauer
LH Brandãozinho
OR Didi
IR Julinho
CF Baltazar
IL Pinga
OL Cláudio
FW Alfredo
FW Ipojucã
Zezé Moreira


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