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1950 German Grand Prix

1950 German Grand Prix
Race details
Date 20 August 1950
Official name XIII Großer Preis von Deutschland
Location Nürburgring
Nürburg, Germany
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 22.810 km (14.173 mi)
Distance 16 laps, 364.960 km (226.768 mi)
Weather Sunny, Dry, Warm
Pole position
Driver Scuderia Ferrari
Time 10:39.5
Fastest lap
Driver Alberto Ascari Scuderia Ferrari
Time 10:43.6
First Scuderia Ferrari
Second Equipe Gordini
Third Equipe Gordini

The 1950 German Grand Prix was a non-championship Formula Two race held on 20 August 1950 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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Formula 2 regulations had been chosen in order to attract a larger starting grid – especially for German teams and drivers, who would not have had time to prepare cars for the still-new Formula One regulations. This resulted in a large amount of interest – 37 cars started the race, and the event drew a crowd of 400,000 spectators.

During practice, German driver Paul Greifzu was involved in an accident where his car hit a paramedic at Pflanzgarten. The paramedic suffered fatal injuries and Greifzu was taken to hospital with fractured ribs and internal bruising.

The Grand Prix had attracted some of the top German drivers, but many of them retired due to the high level of attrition. Indeed, only 10 drivers completed the full distance. Hans Stuck ran sixth after the first lap, but had to stop to fix a stuck throttle. He received outside assistance whilst starting his engine again, and was disqualified. Manfred von Brauchitsch put in a fine performance trying to keep up with the leaders, running as high as seventh before retiring with engine failure.[1]

The race was dominated by Alberto Ascari, who led from pole and pulled away comfortably each lap. The only slight drama came on the final tour: he had run the full distance without pitting, and some spokes on his right rear wheel broke in the banked Karussell. However, such was his lead that he could afford to significantly reduce his pace, nursing the car home to victory.[2]

For his dominant performance, Ascari was presented with the Silbernes Lorbeerblatt (Silver Laurel Leaf), the highest award in German sport. The award had only been established two months prior, and he became its first foreign recipient.

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No Driver Entrant Constructor Chassis
2 Alberto Ascari Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari 166 F2
4 Dorino Serafini Ferrari Ferrari 166 F2
8 Giovanni Bracco Giovanni Bracco Ferrari
16 Peter Hirt Ecurie Suisse Veritas-BMW Veritas Meteor
18 Paul Glauser Veritas-BMW Veritas Meteor
20 Kaspar Aebli Veritas-BMW Veritas Meteor
22 "J. M. Marcy" Veritas-BMW Veritas Meteor
24 Alfred Dattner Alfred Dattner Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T11
26 Ernst Seiler Ernst Seiler Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T15
28 Claude Bernheim Claude Bernheim Cisitalia-Fiat Cisitalia-Fiat D46
32 Roger Loyer Ecurie Paris Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T15
34 "Robert" Cisitalia-Fiat Cisitalia-Fiat D46
36 René Bonnet Automobiles Deutsch-Bonnet DB-Citroën
40 Fergus Anderson HW Motors HWM-Alta
42 Lance Macklin HWM-Alta
44 Paul Pietsch Paul Pietsch Veritas-BMW Veritas Meteor II
46 Paco Godia Francisco Godia Cisitalia-Fiat Cisitalia-Fiat D46
52 Bertil Lundberg Bertil Lundberg BLG-BMW BLG-BMW 2000
54 Harry Schell Horschell Racing Corporation Cooper-JAP Cooper-JAP T12
56 Manfred von Brauchitsch Manfred von Brauchitsch AFM-BMW AFM 6
58 Hans Stuck Hans Stuck AFM-BMW
60 Fritz Riess Fritz Riess AFM-BMW AFM 3
62 Hermann Lang Hermann Lang Veritas-BMW
64 Karl Kling Karl Kling Veritas-BMW Veritas Meteor III Streamline
66 Toni Ulmen Toni Ulmen Veritas-BMW Veritas RS
68 Karl Gommann Karl Gommann AFM-BMW AFM 5
70 Willi Heeks Willi Heeks AFM-BMW AFM 2
72 Willi Krakau Willli Krakau BMW
76 Herman Roosdorp Herman Roosdorp Ferrari Ferrari 166 MM
78 Paul Greifzu Paul Greifzu BMW
78 Carl Bossong Carl Bossong Holbein-BMW Holbein-BMW HH48
82 Georges Berger Georges Berger Jicey-BMW
84 Maurice Trintignant Equipe Gordini Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T15
86 Robert Manzon Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T15
88 André Simon Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T15
90 "Eymart" Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T15
94 Aldo Gordini Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T15
92 Toni Branca Mme de Walckiers Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini T11


Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/retired
1 2 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 16 2:55.00.8
2 88 André Simon Simca-Gordini 16 +2:20.9
3 84 Maurice Trintignant[4][5] Simca-Gordini 16 +8:27.7
4 66 Toni Ulmen Veritas-BMW 15 +1 lap
5 26 Ernst Seiler Simca-Gordini 15 +1 lap
6 42 Lance Macklin HWM-Alta 15 +1 lap
7 68 Karl Gommann AFM-BMW 14 +2 laps
8 90 "Eymart" Simca-Gordini 14 +2 laps
9 82 Georges Berger Jicey-BMW 13 +3 laps
10 46 Paco Godia Cisitalia-Fiat 11 +5 laps
Ret 86 Robert Manzon Simca-Gordini 13 Valves
Ret 16 Peter Hirt Veritas-BMW 12
Ret 56 Manfred von Brauchitsch AFM-BMW 11 Engine
Ret 44 Paul Pietsch Veritas-BMW 8 Clutch
Ret 18 Paul Glauser Veritas-BMW 7
Ret 94 Aldo Gordini Simca-Gordini 7
Ret 4 Dorino Serafini Ferrari 6 Gearbox
Ret 40 Fergus Anderson HWM-Alta 5 Differential
Ret 32 Roger Loyer Simca-Gordini 5
Ret 34 "Robert" Cisitalia-Fiat 4
Ret 64 Karl Kling Veritas-BMW 3 Piston
Ret 28 Claude Bernheim Cisitalia-Fiat 3
Ret 36 René Bonnet DB-Citroën 3
Ret 92 Toni Branca Simca-Gordini 2 Engine
Ret 62 Hermann Lang Veritas-BMW 2 Engine
Ret 70 Willi Heeks AFM-BMW 2
Ret 60 Fritz Riess AFM-BMW 2
Ret 8 Giovanni Bracco Ferrari 2
Ret 20 Kaspar Aebli Veritas-BMW 2
Ret 76 Herman Roosdorp Ferrari 2
Ret 24 Alfred Dattner Simca-Gordini 1
Ret 22 "J. M. Marcy" Veritas-BMW 1
Ret 52 Bertil Lundberg BLG-BMW 1
Ret 72 Willi Krakau BMW 0
Ret 54 Harry Schell Cooper-JAP 0 Engine
DSQ 58 Hans Stuck AFM-BMW 0 Outside assistance
? 78 Carl Bossong Holbein-BMW 0 Unknown


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