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1943 VFL Grand Final

Grand final of the 1943 Victorian Football League season

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1943 VFL Grand Final


11.15 (81) 12.14 (86)
1 2 3 4
ESS 2.4 (16) 4.9 (33) 8.13 (61) 11.15 (81)
RIC 4.2 (26) 6.5 (41) 8.8 (56) 12.14 (86)
Date25 September 1943
StadiumPrinces Park
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The 1943 VFL Grand Final was an Australian rules football game contested between the Richmond Football Club and Essendon Football Club, held at the Princes Park in Melbourne on 25 September 1943. It was the 47th annual Grand Final of the Victorian Football League, staged to determine the premiers for the 1943 VFL season. The match, attended by 42,100 spectators, was won by Richmond by a margin of 5 points, marking that club's fifth VFL premiership victory.

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B: Raymond Steele Ron Durham Jack Scott
HB: Ray Hunt Leo Maguire Bill Perkins
C: Leo Merrett Jack Broadstock Bert Edwards
HF: Roy Quinn Brian Randall Bernie Waldron
F: Max Oppy Bob Bawden Dick Harris
Foll: Jack Dyer (c) Arthur Barr-Kemp Laurie Cahill
Res: Len Ablett
Coach: Jack Dyer
B: Elton Plummer Cec Ruddell Perc Bushby
HB: Jack Cockburn Wally Buttsworth Allan Hird
C: Bill Hutchison Les Gardiner Ernie Coward
HF: Laurie Dearle Gordon Lane Gordon Abbott
F: Tom Reynolds Jack Cassin Keith Rawle
Foll: Hugh Torney Norm Betson Dick Reynolds (c)
Res: Gil Langley
Coach: Dick Reynolds
  • Umpire - Eric Hawkins



Richmond FC, premier team


  • D Harris 7
  • J Dyer 3
  • B Bawden 1
  • J Broadstock 1


  • T Reynolds 7
  • H Torney 2
  • G Lane 1
  • K Rawle 1


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