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1937 South American Championship Final

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1937 South American Championship Final
Event1937 South American Championship
DateFebruary 1, 1937
VenueEstadio Gasómetro, Buenos Aires
RefereeAníbal Tejada (Uruguay)

The 1937 South American Championship Final was the final match to determine the South American Cup champion. It was held on February 1, 1937, in San Lorenzo de Almagro's venue, Estadio Gasómetro of Buenos Aires. Because of the heat (the tournament was played in Summer), most of the matches were played at night (Estadio Gasómetro was the only stadium in Argentina with artificial lighting by then) while other games were played at daytime (being held in River Plate's venue, Estadio Alvear y Tagle.[1]

Argentina won the match against Brazil by a 2-0 score, winning its fifth continental title.[2]


Brazil had attended the competition without two of their most notable players, defender Domingos da Guia (champion with Boca Juniors two years before) and striker Leonidas da Silva, nicknamed the Black Diamond. As the tournament was played in a single round-robin system, Argentina and Brazil finished tied on points at the end of the tournament. Therefore, a playoff match had to be played to crown a champion, according to the rules.[1]

The match was held in San Lorenzo stadium, were both teams played hard, committing several number of fouls. After Brazilian player Domingos Spitalletti kicked Francisco Varallo violently in the 36th minute, a riot involving all the players (even some substitutes) started. After a hiatus of 40', the match restarted. Nevertheless, just two minutes a new riot happened after Cunha hit Cherro on his face.

For the second half Carlos Peucelle replaced Cherro and veteran Bernabé Ferreyra substituted Zozaya. A young Vicente de la Mata replaced Varallo, who had been injured. De la Mata had played in the loss to Uruguay, with a poor performance.

Argentina and Brazil tied 0–0 at the end of the regulation time, playing additional time (two halves of 20' each) to crown a champion. Independiente's forward, an earlier Vicente de la Mata (19 years), scored two goals within four minutes, allowing Argentina to achieve its fifth South American championship.[3] The match ended at almost 2 a.m. in Buenos Aires.

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Match details

Argentina  2–0
De la Mata  102'112'
Attendance: 80,000
Referee: Aníbal Tejada (Uruguay)
GK Fernando Bello
RB Oscar Tarrío
LB Luis M. Fazio
RH Antonio Sastre
CH Ernesto Lazzatti
LH Celestino Martínez
OR Enrique Guaita
IR Francisco Varallo
CF Alberto Zozaya
IL Roberto Cherro
OL Enrique García
FW Vicente de la Mata
FW Bernabé Ferreyra
FW Carlos Peucelle
Manuel Seoane
GK Jurandir
RB Carnera
LB Jaú
RH Britto
CH Brandão
LH Afonsinho
OR Roberto
IR Luisinho
CF Cardeal
IL Tim
OL Patesko
FW Carreiro
FW Bahia
FW Carvalho Leite
Adhemar Pimenta


Some journalist consider this match the beginning of the Argentina–Brazil football rivalry.[1] This tournament was also the closure of an era with the Argentine squad for some of the most notable players such as Enrique Guaita, Alberto Zozaya, Alejandro Scopelli, Bernabé Ferreyra, Carlos Peucelle and Francisco Varallo.

When I was substituted vs Uruguay, I became demoralised. Still sweated, I stayed to watch the second half. Then I got ill, probably with bitterness. I scored the two goals but I wanted to play more time. I didn't.

— Vicente de la Mata, during an interview with El Gráfico

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