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1929 French Grand Prix

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1929 French Grand Prix
Race details
Date 30 June 1929
Official name XXIII Grand Prix de l'ACF
Location Le Mans
Le Mans, France
Course Road course
Course length 16.34 km (10.15 mi)
Distance 37 laps, 604.58 km (375.67 mi)
Pole position
  • Raoul De Rovin
Grid positions set by ballot
Fastest lap
Driver "W. Williams" Bugatti
Time 7:01
First Bugatti
Second Peugeot
Third Bugatti

The 1929 French Grand Prix (formally, the XXIII Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France) was a Grand Prix motor race held at Le Mans on 30 June 1929. The race was held over 37 laps of the 16.34 km (10.15 miles) circuit for a total race distance of 604.58 km (375.67 miles) and was won by "W. Williams," driving a Bugatti.

Noting that the previous old 1.5 Litre formula had been a failure, with very low entries at most races in 1926 and 1927, and with the French Grand Prix run for sports cars in 1928, it was decided that new regulations were needed. For 1929 there was no-longer an engine capacity limit, but as the AIACR, it was decided to require cars to weigh at least 900kg, and allow them to consume no more than 85kg of fuel (14kg per 100km), which was provided in special fuel tanks, which each car carried externally. The race was totally dominated by Williams, who lead from start to finish.[1]

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Starting Grid: Positions drawn

Grid Driver Grid Driver
1 Raoul de Rovin 2 Jean Chassagne
3 Robert Gauthier 4 "Besaucele"
5 Robert Senechal 6 Albert Divo
7 "Philippe" 8 Andre Boillot
9 Caberto Conelli 10 Guy Bouriat
11 "W.Williams"


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retire
1 36 "W. Williams" Bugatti T35B 37 4:33:01.2
2 28 Andre Boillot Peugeot 174S 37 4:34:20.0
3 30 Caberto Conelli Bugatti T35C 37 4:34:28.0
4 12 Albert Divo Bugatti T35B 37 4:41:27.4
5 10 Robert Senechal Bugatti T35B 37 4:58:27.8
6 6 Robert Gauthier Bugatti T35C 37 5:18:38.4
NC 8 "Besaucele" Ballot 2LS ?
NC 34 Guy Bouriat Peugeot 174S ?
Ret 16 "Philippe" Bugatti T35C 30 Mechanical
Ret 2 Raoul de Rovin Bugatti T35B 28 Mechanical
Ret 4 Jean Chassagne Ballot RH2 8 Mechanical
DNS 14 Prince Ghica FAR Did not start
DNS 18 Jules Nandillon Vernandi Did not start
DNS 20 André Dubonnet Bugatti T35C Did not start
DNS 22 ? BNC 527 SCAP Did not start
DNS 24 Edouard Brisson Alphi CIME Did not start
DNS 26 Robert Laly Ariès Did not start
DNS 32 ? Ariès Did not start

Fastest Lap: "W.Williams", 7m01.0 (139.72 km/h)


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