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1925 NFL season

Sports season

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1925 National Football League season
Regular season
DurationSeptember 20 – December 20, 1925
A controversial ruling by the NFL suspended the Pottsville Maroons from all league privileges, including the right to play for the NFL championship.
ChampionsChicago Cardinals

The 1925 NFL season was the sixth regular season of the National Football League. Five new teams entered the league: New York Giants, Detroit Panthers, Pottsville Maroons, Providence Steam Roller, and a new Canton Bulldogs team. The Kenosha Maroons folded, with the Racine Legion and Minneapolis Marines mothballing.

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Twenty teams competed in the NFL during the 1925 season.

First season in NFL *Last active season ^ Last season before hiatus, rejoined league later §
Team jumped to the AFL Rejoined the NFL **
Team Head coach(es) Stadium
Akron ProsScotty BierceAkron League Park
Buffalo BisonsWalt KoppischBison Stadium
Canton Bulldogs **Harry RobbLeague Field
Chicago BearsGeorge HalasCubs Park
Chicago CardinalsNorman BarryComiskey Park
Cleveland Bulldogs §Cap EdwardsDunn Field
Columbus TigersRed WeaverWest Side Athletic Club
Dayton TrianglesCarl StorckTriangle Park
Detroit Panthers *Jimmy ConzelmanNavin Field
Duluth KelleysDewey ScanlonDuluth Athletic Park
Frankford Yellow JacketsGuy ChamberlinFrankford Stadium
Green Bay PackersCurly LambeauCity Stadium
Hammond ProsFritz Pollard (1 game) and Doc Young (4 games)Traveling team
Kansas City CowboysRoy AndrewsMuehlebach Field
Milwaukee BadgersJohnny BryanMilwaukee Athletic Park
New York Giants *Bob FolwellPolo Grounds
Pottsville MaroonsDick RauchMinersville Park
Providence Steam Roller *Archie GolembeskiCycledrome
Rochester Jeffersons ^Tex GriggEdgerton Park
Rock Island IndependentsRube UrsellaDouglas Park

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1925 NFL Championship controversy

Controversy surrounds who actually won the 1925 NFL Championship. Officially, the Chicago Cardinals are listed as the 1925 NFL champions because they finished with the best record; however, many Pottsville fans at the time claimed that the Maroons were the legitimate champions. The Maroons and the Cardinals were the top contenders for the title, with Pottsville winning a late-season meeting between them, 21–7. But the Maroons scheduled a game against a team of University of Notre Dame All-Stars in Philadelphia (and winning 9–7) on the same day that the Frankford Yellow Jackets were scheduled to play a game in the same city. Frankford protested, saying that it was violating their protected territory rights.

Although NFL president Joe Carr warned the Maroons in writing that they faced suspension if they played in Philadelphia, the Maroons claimed that Carr approved the game during a telephone call, and played anyway. In response, Carr fined the club, suspended it from all league rights and privileges (including the right to play for the NFL championship), and returned its franchise to the league.

In 2003, the NFL decided to again examine the case regarding the 1925 championship. In October of that year, the NFL voted 30–2 not to reopen the case, with only Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the league's two Pennsylvania-based teams, voting in favor. Thus, the Cardinals are still listed as the 1925 NFL champions.[1]

Had the current (post-1972) system of counting ties as half a win and half a loss been in place in 1925, the Maroons would have won the championship with a win percentage of .833, while the Cardinals would have finished runner-up at .821.

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NFL standings
Chicago Cardinals * 11 2 1 .846 229 65 W2
Pottsville Maroons * 10 2 0 .833 270 45 W5
Detroit Panthers8 2 2 .800 129 39 W1
New York Giants8 4 0 .667 122 67 W1
Akron Pros4 2 2 .667 65 51 L2
Frankford Yellow Jackets13 7 0 .650 190 169 W2
Chicago Bears9 5 3 .643 158 96 W3
Rock Island Independents5 3 3 .625 99 58 L1
Green Bay Packers8 5 0 .615 151 110 W1
Providence Steam Roller6 5 1 .545 111 101 L1
Canton Bulldogs4 4 0 .500 50 73 L1
Cleveland Bulldogs5 8 1 .385 75 135 L1
Kansas City Cowboys2 5 1 .286 65 97 W1
Hammond Pros1 4 0 .200 23 87 L3
Buffalo Bisons1 6 2 .143 33 113 L4
Rochester Jeffersons0 6 1 .000 26 111 L5
Dayton Triangles0 7 1 .000 3 84 L7
Duluth Kelleys0 3 0 .000 6 25 L3
Milwaukee Badgers0 6 0 .000 7 191 L6
Columbus Tigers0 9 0 .000 28 124 L9

Note: Tie games were not officially counted in the standings until 1972.
* The Pottsville Maroons were suspended from the league in December, resulting in the Chicago Cardinals being named the NFL champions.

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All star team

NFL league president Joseph Carr chose an all-star team for 1925, including players from Red Grange's tour.[2]








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