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1922 South American Championship Final

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1922 South American Championship Final
Estádio das Laranjeiras, venue of the final
Event1922 South American Championship
DateOctober 22, 1922
VenueEstádio das Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro
RefereeServando Pérez (Argentina)

The 1922 South American Championship Final was the final match to determine the South American Cup champion. It was held on October 22, 1922, in Estádio das Laranjeiras of Rio de Janeiro.

At the end of the tournament, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay were tied on points, and playoff matches were planned for the three teams.

Nevertheless, Uruguay withdrew after informing the organisers their players had to return home; some noted Uruguay were also dissatisfied with a suspicious performance of the Brazilian referee in their game against Paraguay, which they lost.

As a result, only one playoff match was played between Brazil and Paraguay to determine the champion.[1][2]

Brazil won the match against Paraguay 3–0. With this victory, Brazil won its second continental title.[3]

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Match details

Brazil  3–0  Paraguay
Neco  11'
Formiga  48'89'
GK Kuntz
RB Palamone
LB Barthô
RH Laís
CH Fortes
LH Amílcar
OR Formiga
IR Neco
CF Heitor Dominguez
IL Tatú
OL Rodrigues
GK Modesto Denis
RB Ramón González
LB Venancio Paredes
RH Roque Centurión
CH Manuel Fleitas Solich
LH Luis Fretes
OR Isidoro Benítez
IR Luciano Capdevila
CF Daniel Schaerer
IL Ildefonso López
OL Gerardo Rivas
Manuel Fleitas Solich


Brazil are the champions only because the tournament was held in Brazil

— Argentine magazine El Gráfico N° 174, 1922, [1]


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