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1907 French Grand Prix

1907 French Grand Prix
Race details
Date July 2, 1907
Official name Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France
Location Dieppe, France
Course Public roads
Course length 76.989 km (47.840 mi)
Distance 10 laps, 769.889 km (478.400 mi)
Fastest lap
Driver Arthur Duray Lorraine-Dietrich
Time 37:59.8
First FIAT
Second Renault
Third Brasier

The 1907 French Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor race held at Dieppe on 2 July 1907.

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The Race

Thirty-eight cars set off at one-minute intervals to complete 10 laps of a 48-mile (77 km) circuit on a triangular circuit near the city of Dieppe. The field was led away by Vincenzo Lancia's Fiat. The race was run under a fuel consumption limit of 30 litres per 100 kilometres (7.84 miles per US gallon; 9.42 miles per imperial gallon).[1] Louis Wagner led the race for the first three laps. After Wagner retired on lap four, Arthur Duray took the lead.[2] Duray set the fastest lap, with an average speed of 75.40 mph (121.34 km/h), and led the race until his retirement on lap nine. Felice Nazzaro's Fiat led from this point until the finish, completing the race over six and a half minutes ahead of second placed Ferenc Szisz. Nazzaro's average speed was 70.6 mph (113.6 km/h) for the race.[3][4]


Albert Clément died in a crash during practice while driving his Clément-Bayard. His place in the race was taken by 'Alezy'.[5]

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Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 F2 Felice Nazzaro Fiat 130 HP 10 6:46:33.0
2 R1 Ferenc Szisz Renault AK +6:37.6
3 B2 Paul Baras Brasier +18:32.6
4 LD3 Fernand Gabriel Lorraine-Dietrich +25:06.0
5 D3 Victor Rigal Darracq +26:03.4
6 D2 Gustave Caillois Darracq +29:25.6
7 B1 Jules Barillier Brasier +41:21.0
8 BC1 Pierre Garcet Clément-Bayard +47:44.0
9 BC3 Elliott Shepard Clément-Bayard +53:23.2
10 M3 Victor Hémery Mercedes +1:38:52.0
11 MB3 Courtade Motobloc +2:02:00.6
12 B3 Paul Bablot Brasier +2:26:26.6
13 R3 Claude Richez Renault AK +2:44:19.4
14 GE2 François Degrais Germain +3:04:03.4
15 GE3 François-Marie Roch-Brault Germain +3:24:12.0
16 C1 Joseph Collomb Corre +3:38:23.7
17 GE1 Perpère Germain +4:07:09.0
Ret F1 Vincenzo Lancia Fiat 9 Clutch
Ret M2 Otto Salzer Mercedes 9
Ret LD1 Arthur Duray Lorraine-Dietrich 8
Ret PL3 Dutemple Panhard 8
Ret M1 Camille Jenatzy Mercedes 7
Ret MB1 Pierron Motobloc 7
Ret DM1 Frederic Dufaux Marchand 7
Ret R2 Henry Farman Renault AK 7
Ret D1 René Hanriot Darracq 6 Engine
Ret LD2 Henri Rougier Lorraine-Dietrich 5
Ret GB1 Louis Rigolly Gobron-Brillié 5
Ret W2 Pryce Harrison Weigel 5
Ret MB2 Page Motobloc 5
Ret P1 Emile Stricker Porthos 4 Steering
Ret BC2 Alezy Clément-Bayard 4
Ret WC1 Walter Christie Christie 4
Ret F3 Louis Wagner Fiat 3 Valve gear
Ret W1 Gregor Laxen Weigel 3 Wheel
Ret PL2 Hubert Le Blon Panhard 3 Driver injury
Ret PL1 George Heath Panhard 1 Engine

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