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1898 Guatemalan presidential election

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1898 Guatemalan presidential election

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Nominee Manuel Estrada Cabrera José León Castillo
Party Liberal Liberal
Home state Quetzaltenango Guatemala
Popular vote 312,797 672
Percentage 99.79% 0.21%

President before election

Manuel Estrada Cabrera


Manuel Estrada Cabrera

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Presidential elections were held in Guatemala during seven days in September 1898.[1] Prior to the elections Manuel Estrada Cabrera had established the first real political party in the country's history by admitting people from outside the influential liberals to the Liberal Party.[2]

The elections were regarded as fraudulent; constitutional guarantees had been suspended for a month and opposition candidate José León Castillo had been unable to campaign. Estrada was declared the winner with 99.8% of the vote,[3] although the number of votes cast is estimated to have been at least three times the number of people eligible to vote at the time.[4] Legislative Assembly Decree 413 of 26 September declared that Estrada's term of office would begin on 15 March 1899, but he assumed the presidency on 2 October.[3]

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Candidate Party Votes %
Manuel Estrada Cabrera Liberal Party 312,797 99.79
José León Castillo Liberal Party 672 0.21
Invalid/blank votes
Total 313,469 100
Source: Luján Muñoz


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