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1869 Hungarian parliamentary election

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1869 Hungarian parliamentary election

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All 420 seats in the Diet
211 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Ferenc Deák Kálmán Ghyczy Dániel Irányi
Party Deák Party Left Centre Far-Left
Last election 180 seats, 57.14% 94 seats, 29.84% 20 seats, 6.35%
Seats before 250 100 20
Seats won 235 116 40
Seat change 15 16 20
Percentage 55.95% 27.62% 9.52%
Swing 1.19% 2.22% 3.17%

  Fourth party
Party Ethnic minority parties
Last election did not contest
Seats won 29
Percentage 6.9%

Prime Minister before election

Gyula Andrássy
Deák Party

Elected Prime Minister

Gyula Andrássy
Deák Party

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Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary between 9 and 13 March 1869. The main issues were the legitimisation of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 and the birth of Austria-Hungary. The compromise was created by the governing party. Hungary got more freedom and autonomy from Austra, but still in a mutual state with Austria and Franz Joseph I of Austria was crowned as the King of Hungary.

At the elections three parties ran for the seats; Deák Party (Hu: Deák Párt), the supporter of the compromise, the Left Centre (Hu: Balközép), partially opponents of it and the Far-Left (Hu: Szélbal) opposing the treaty entirely. Finally the Deák Party won the 55.95% of the seats.

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Party Seats % Parliamentary role
Deák Party 235 55,95% government
Left Centre 116 27,62% opposition
Far-Left 40 9,52% opposition
Minorities' Party 29 6,90% government
Total 420 100%

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