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1863–64 Barnes F.C. season

Barnes 1863-64 football season

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1863-64 season
CaptainEbenezer Morley
SecretaryThomas Gregory
RulesRules of Barnes Football Club (1862)(before 19 December 1863)
Laws of the Game (1863)

This was the second season of Barnes Football Club. The early part of the season included two defeats against Forest FC (later renamed Wanderers FC), the second of them a bad-tempered affair in which the rules of the game became an object of contention.[1] On 19 December, Barnes played neighbouring Richmond FC in the first ever match under the newly-published laws of the Football Association; this 15-a-side clash ended in a goalless draw.[2]

31 October 1863 Barnes 2-1 Students[3] Barnes
Note: 11 players per side.[4]
14 November 1863 Barnes 0-5 Forest Barnes
15:00 (approx.) Charles Alcock (2 goals)
Attendance: "A large number of spectators"
Note: 11 players per side. Match ended at 5pm. [5]
12 December 1863 Forest 1-0 Barnes Leytonstone
14:45 Unknown (60)
Note: The game was supposed to be 15-a-side, but only 12 played for Forest, and 13 for Barnes. "There was some talk about the rules on one or two occasions, and we regret to say some little temper displayed".[1]
19 December 1863 Barnes 0-0 Richmond Barnes
Note: First match played under the rules of the Football Association. 15 players a side. Game lasted 90 minutes. Barnes had six "tries at goal", but missed all of them.[2]
23 January 1864 Barnes 2-1 Mr. Greaves's Eleven Barnes
15:00 Drake
Greaves (~60) Attendance: "Many of the fair sex"
Note: 11 a side. Barnes' eleventh man did not arrive until the team was trailing to Greaves's goal. Hay's winning goal for Barnes was scored by a free-kick after a touch-down, which was "punted". Game ended at 16:45.[6]
30 January 1864 N.N. 3-0 Barnes Kilburn
W. Baker
W. De Pothonier (2 goals)
N.N. (15 players): Pember (capt.), A. Baker, H. Baker, J. Baker, W. Baker, Collins, Daly, De Pothonier, Giles, Lendrum, Mitchell, Morten, Morton, Renshaw, Wawn.
Barnes (15 players): Morley (capt.), Beresford, Bloxam, Elton, Gesham, Hay, Innes, Lenchars, M'Calmont, Massendero, Moore, Roberts, Sheppard, Waller, Willis.[7]
27 February 1864 Barnes 2-1 Crystal Palace Barnes
Note: 15-a-side. Game lasted 105 minutes.
Barnes: Drake, Greenhill, Hay, Mossenden, O'Leary, Waller, et al.
Crystal Palace: Turner (capt.), Cutbill, Desborough, Sharland, et al.[8]
5 March 1864 Barnes 1-1 N.N. Barnes
Innes (45) Baker (75)
Note: 12-a-side (originally intended to be 15-a-side).[9]

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