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17th Indian Infantry Brigade

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17th Indian Infantry Brigade
Country British India
Allegiance  British Empire
Branch British Indian Army
EngagementsAnglo-Iraqi War
Syria-Lebanon Campaign
Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
North African Campaign
Italian Campaign

The 17th Indian Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade formation of the Indian Army during World War II. It was formed in November 1940, at the Delhi Cantonment in India and assigned to the 8th Indian Infantry Division. They were sent to participate in the Anglo-Iraqi War and the Syria-Lebanon Campaign and came under command of the 10th Indian Infantry Division between July and August 1941. Returning to the 8th Indian Division in September 1941, at the end of the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran, they were sent to Egypt. They then spent 1942, as a garrison force in Syria. It then took part in the Italian Campaign from September 1943 to August 1945. It was briefly coming under command of the British 78th Infantry Division between 3 and 7 November 1943.[1]

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  • Brigadier John Geoffrey Bruce (Nov 1940 – May 1941)
  • Brigadier Douglas Gracey (May 1941 – Mar 1942)
  • Brigadier F.A.M.B. Jenkins (Mar 1942 – Oct 1943)
  • Brigadier H.L. Wyndham (Oct 1943 – Nov 1943)
  • Brigadier James Scott-Elliott (Nov 1943 – Jan 1944)
  • Brigadier Charles Hamilton Boucher (Feb 1944 – Jan 1945)
  • Brigadier Playford Rawdon Macnamara (Jan 1945 – Aug 1945)

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