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Chemical compound

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Clinical data
Other namesα-Dihydroequilin; 7-Dehydro-17α-estradiol; Estra-1,3,5(10),7-tetraen-3,17α-diol
Routes of
By mouth
Drug classEstrogen
ATC code
CAS Number
PubChem CID
CompTox Dashboard (EPA)
ECHA InfoCard100.010.440
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass270.372 g·mol−1
3D model (JSmol)

17α-Dihydroequilin, or α-dihydroequilin, also known as 7-dehydro-17α-estradiol, as well as estra-1,3,5(10),7-tetraene-3,17α-diol, is a naturally occurring steroidal estrogen found in horses which is closely related to equilin, equilenin, and 17α-estradiol.[1][2] The compound, as the 3-sulfate ester sodium salt, is present in conjugated estrogens (Premarin), a pharmaceutical extract of the urine of pregnant mares, and is the third highest quantity constituent in the formulation (13.8%).[1] The compound has been studied clinically.[3]

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