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13th Niue Assembly

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The 13th Niue Assembly was a term of the Niue Assembly. Its composition was determined by the 2008 election, held on June 7, 2008.

The Speaker of the 13th Assembly was Atapana Siakimotu.

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The members of the 13th Legislative Assembly were:[1]

Name Party Electorate Term
Terry Coe Independent Common roll Sixth
Peter Eu Funaki Independent Tamakautonga
Maihetoe Hekau Independent Common roll First
O’Love Jacobsen Independent Common roll Eighth
Jack Willie Lipitoa Independent Namukulu Eighth
Kupa Magatogia Independent Lakepa
Bill Motufoou Independent Mutalau Fourth
Esther Pavihi Independent Common roll First
Fisa Pihigia Independent Tuapa
Tofua Puletama Independent Makefu Fourth
Togia Sioneholo Independent Common roll First
Pokotoa Sipeli Independent Liku
Dalton Tagelagi Independent Alofi South First
Opili Talafasi Independent Hikutavake
Billy Graham Talagi Independent Avatele Fourth
Toke Talagi Independent Common roll Fourth
Talaititama Talaiti Independent Vaiea Sixth
Dion Taufitu Independent Toi
Va'aiga Tukuitonga Independent Alofi North Fourth
Young Vivian Independent Hakupu

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