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100 Women (BBC)

International award given by the BBC

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100 Women
Years active8 in 2020
Inaugurated22 October 2013 (2013-10-22)
Most recentNovember 2020 (2020-11)
Website100 Women

100 Women is a BBC multi-format series established in 2013. The annual series examines the role of women in the 21st century and has included events in London[1] and Mexico.[2][3] Announcement of the list is the start of an international "BBC's women season", lasting three weeks including broadcast, online reports, debates and journalism on the topic of women.[4] Women around the world are encouraged to participate via Twitter and comment on the list, as well as on the interviews and debates that follow release of the list.[5]

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After the 2012 Delhi gang rape, then BBC Controller Liliane Landor,[6] BBC editor Fiona Crack[7] and other journalists, were inspired to create a series focusing on the issues and achievements of women in society today.[8] They felt that many of the issues women faced were not getting in-depth coverage, and in March 2013 a "flood of feedback from female listeners" was received by the BBC to the effect that the corporation should provide more "content from and about women."[9]

The BBC launched this series in 2013 to address the under-representation of women in the media.[8][10] Women to participate in the first program were chosen by survey in 26 different language services.[9] Programming ran over the course of a month, culminating in a conference held on 25 October, in which 100 women from across the world discussed issues they shared. A wide range of topics were debated covering employment challenges, feminism, motherhood, and religion,[11] to examine both the cultural and social challenges women faced in living their lives.[12]

The series has since covered many topics, including education, healthcare, equal pay, genital mutilation, domestic violence, and sexual abuse[13] and seeks to provide women with a platform to discuss how to improve the world and eliminate sexism.[14] Women included on the list are from around the globe, and involved in diverse fields of endeavour.[15] Women who are already famous are included, as well as people who are less known.[16][17]

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The 2020 list was described as "different" before it was scheduled to be announced on 24 November 2020,[18] but it was released the day before.[19]

Image Name Country of birth Description[20]
Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul  THA Student activist
Sarah Al-Amiri  UAE Chair, UAE Space Agency
Waad al-Kateab  Syria Activist, journalist and filmmaker
Anastasia Volkova  Ukraine Agricultural innovator.
Gulnaz Zhuzbaeva  Kyrgyzstan Disability activist
Adriana Albini  Italy Pathologist and veteran fencer
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya  Belarus Belarus politician
Safaa Kumani  Syria Plant virologist working on pulses
Ubah Ali  Somaliland Advocate against female genital mutilation
Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu  Uganda Mental health programme developer
Nisreen Alwan  Iraq

 United Kingdom

Health and wellbeing of women through public health
Kotchakorn Voraakhom  Thailand Thai landscape architect
Elizabeth Anionwu  United Kingdom Sickle cell and thalassaemia nurse specialist
Nadeen Ashraf  Egypt Advocate against sexual harassment
Erica Baker  Germany Software engineer
Bilkis Dadi  India Protestor
Diana Barran  United Kingdom Minister for Civil Society
Cindy Bishop  Thailand UN goodwill ambassador
Macinley Butson  Australia Inventor
Evelina Cabrera  Argentina Football coach and manager
Wendy Beatriz Caishpal Jaco  El Salvador Advocate for the rights of disabled people
Carolina Castro  Argentina Advocate for gender equality
Agnes Chow  Hong Kong Pro-democracy activist
Patrisse Cullors  USA Human rights activist
Tsitsi Dangarembga  Zimbabwe Novelist and filmmaker
Shani Dhanda  UK Disability activist
Naomi Dickson  UK Advocate for Jewish women and children suffering from domestic abuse
Ilwad Elman  Somalia Peace activist
Fang Fang  China Writer
Lauren Gardner  USA Epidemiologist
Alicia Garza  USA Human rights activist
Isaivani Gaana singer and political campaigner
Salsabila Khairunnisa  Indonesia Environmental campaigner and school strike for climate leader
Susana Raffalli  Venezuela Delivering nutrition to the malnourished
Loza Abera Geinore  Ethiopia Association footballer
Houda Abouz  Morocco Rapper, women's rights and gender equality advocate
Rina Akter  Bangladesh Bangladeshi sex worker turned humanitarian
Nadine Kaadan  France children's author and illustrator
Jemimah Kariuki  Kenya Doctor & ambulance service creator
Angélique Kidjo  Benin Musician and Unicef ambassador
Yee-Sin Leo  Singapore Research leader
Sanna Marin  Finland Prime Minister of Finland
Bulelwa Mkutukana  RSA Singer songwriter
Sania Nishtar  Pakistan Global health leader
Phyllis Omido  Kenya Environmental activist
Laleh Osmany  Afghanistan Women's rights activist and founder of #WhereIsMyName campaign
Nasrin Sotoudeh  Iran Lawyer and human rights activist
Lea T  Brazil Transgender rights advocate and model
Opal Tometi  USA Human rights activist
Arussi Unda  Mexico Campaigner against femicide
Siouxsie Wiles  UK Scientist and public health communicator
Michelle Yeoh  Malaysia Actress and UN goodwill ambassador
Sapana Roka Magar    Nepal Social worker
Aisha Yesufu  Nigeria Activist - Bring Back Our Girls


The 2019 list was announced on 16 October 2019.[21]

Image Name Country of birth Description[21]
Precious Adams  United States Ballet dancer
Parveena Ahanger  India Human rights activist
Piera Aiello  Italy Anti-mafia politician
Jasmin Akter  Bangladesh
 United Kingdom
Rohingya refugee and cricketer
Manal Al Dowayan  Saudi Arabia Saudi photographer and artist
Kimia Alizadeh  Iran First female Iranian Olympic medallist
Alanoud Alsharekh  Kuwait Women's rights activist
Marwa Al-Sabouni  Syria Architect who runs only Arabic website for architectural news
Rida Al Tubuly  Libya Peace campaigner
Tabata Amaral  Brazil Politician working for education, women's rights, political innovation and sustainable futures
Yalitza Aparicio  Mexico Actress and human rights activist
Dayna Ash  Lebanon Poet and cultural activist
Dina Asher-Smith  United Kingdom Fastest woman in British history
MiMi Aung  United States NASA project manager and engineer
Nisha Ayub  Malaysia Transgender activist
Judith Bakirya  Uganda Organic farmer and women's rights activist
Ayah Bdeir  Lebanon
Founder of littleBits and STEM advocate
Dhammananda Bhikkhuni  Thailand First female Thai Buddhist monk
Mabel Bianco  Argentina Feminist medical doctor and women's rights activist
Raya Bidshahri  Iran Educator and founder of Awecademy
Katie Bouman  United States Processed first-ever image of a black hole
Sinéad Burke  Ireland Disability activist
Lisa Campo-Engelstein  United States Bioethicist and fertility and contraceptive researcher
Scarlett Curtis  United Kingdom Co-founder of The Pink Protest
Ella Daish  United Kingdom Environmentalist and anti-plastic campaigner
Sharan Dhaliwal  United Kingdom Writer and advocate for mental and sexual health for young South Asians, and LGBTQ rights
Salwa Eid Naser  Nigeria
400m world champion runner
Rana el Kaliouby  Egypt Artificial emotional intelligence pioneer
Maria Fernanda Espinosa  Ecuador Fourth woman member of the UN General Assembly
Lucinda Evans  South Africa Women's rights activist and founder of Philisa Abafazi Bethu (Heal our Women)
Sister Gerard Fernandez  Singapore Roman Catholic nun and death row counsellor
Bethany Firth  United Kingdom Paralympic swimmer
Owl Fisher  Iceland Transgender activist, journalist and writer
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce  Jamaica 100m world sprint champion
Zarifa Ghafari  Afghanistan One of Afghanistan's first female mayors; clean city advocate
Jalila Haider  Pakistan Human rights lawyer and women's rights advocate
Tayla Harris  Australia Australian rules footballer and boxer
Hollie  United States Sex trafficking survivor
Huang Wensi  China Professional boxer
Luchita Hurtado  Venezuela Artist and environmental advocate
Yumi Ishikawa  Japan Gender discrimination campaigner and founder of #kutoo movement
Asmaa James  Sierra Leone Journalist and women's rights activist
Aranya Johar  India Beat poet who writes about gender equality, mental health and body positivity
Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman  United States Urban anthropologist and co-founder of The Women Led Cities Initiative
Gada Kadoda  Sudan Founder of the Sudanese Knowledge Society and trainer of community engineers
Amy Karle  United States Bioartist and 3D-designer
Ahlam Khudr  Sudan Human rights protest leader
Fiona Kolbinger  Germany First woman cyclist to win the Transcontinental Race
Hiyori Kon  Japan Sumo wrestler
Aïssata Lam  Mauritania Microfinance expert and women's rights advocate
Soo Jung Lee  South Korea Forensic psychologist and advocate for anti-stalking bill
Fei-Fei Li  United States Pioneer of artificial intelligence who encourages women and minorities to build AI
Erika Lust  Sweden Erotic film director, screenwriter and producer
Lauren Mahon  United Kingdom Cancer survivor and podcaster
Julie Makani  Tanzania Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease
Lisa Mandemaker  Netherlands Designer of prototype artificial womb
Jamie Margolin  United States Climate change activist and co-rounder of Zero Hour movement
Francia Márquez  Colombia Afro-Colombian environmentalist and leader of 10-day, 350-mile women's march
Gina Martin  United Kingdom Campaigner to make upskirting illegal in England and Wales
Sarah Martins Da Silva  United Kingdom Fertility researcher
Raja Meziane  Algeria Anti-government songs about social injustice, alleged corruption and inequality
Susmita Mohanty  India Spaceship designer, entrepreneur and passionate climate action advocate
Benedicte Mundele  Democratic Republic of the Congo Fresh food entrepreneur
Subhalakshmi Nandi  India Gender equity researcher and campaigner
Trang Nguyen  Vietnam Wildlife conservationist
Van Thi Nguyen  Vietnam Co-founder of the Will to Live Center
Natasha Noel  India Body positivity influencer
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  United States Youngest woman elected to Congress
Farida Osman  Egypt First woman in Egypt to win a swimming medal
Ashcharya Peiris  Sri Lanka Blind fashion designer and motivational speaker
Danit Peleg  Israel Fashion designer of 3D-printed clothing
Autumn Peltier  Canada Clean water advocate
Swietenia Puspa Lestari  Indonesia Founder of the Divers Clean Action Foundation and anti-straw campaigner
Megan Rapinoe  United States Advocate for equality in football(soccer)
Onjali Q. Raúf  United Kingdom Writer and founder of Making Herstory
Charlene Ren  China Clean water advocate
Maria Ressa  Philippines Journalist and founder of Rappler website to expose fake news
Djamila Ribeiro  Brazil Writer and Afro-Brazilian women's rights advocate
Jawahir Roble  Somalia
 United Kingdom
UK's first Muslim, black, female, hijab-wearing referee
Najat Saliba  Lebanon Air pollution research
Nanjira Sambuli  Kenya World Wide Web Foundation digital equality expert
Zehra Sayers  Turkey Chair of the SESAME project
Hayfa Sdiri  Tunisia Entrepreneur and UN gender equality campaigner
Noor Shaker  Syria Artificial intelligence innovator
Bonita Sharma    Nepal Founder of The Social Changemakers and Innovators
Vandana Shiva  India Environmental leader and winner of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize
Pragati Singh  India Indian Aces, an online community for asexual people
Lyubov Sobol  Russia Anti-corruption activist
Samah Subay  Yemen Lawyer supporting families whose children have 'disappeared'
Kalista Sy  Senegal Screenwriter of television series Mistress of a Married Man
Bella Thorne  United States Actress and director
Veronique Thouvenot  Chile Leader of the Zero Mothers Die initiative
Greta Thunberg  Sweden Climate change activist
Paola Villarreal  Mexico Computer programmer who developed Data for Justice
Ida Vitale  Uruguay Fifth woman to win Cervantes Prize for lifetime writing achievement
Purity Wako  Uganda Life coach empowering women
Marilyn Waring  New Zealand Feminist economist and environmental activist
Amy Webb  United States Futurist
Sara Wesslin  Finland Skolt Sami journalist who lobbied for government funding for Sami language teaching
Gina Zurlo  United States Expert in religion statistics


The 2018 list was announced in November 2018. The list included the 27th Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Stacey Cunningham who runs the New York Stock Exchange and Shaparak Shajarizadeh[22] who challenged the Iranian law that requires women to wear the Hijab.[23]

Image Name Country of birth Description[24]
Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin  Nigeria Social impact entrepreneur, Nigeria
Esra'a Al Shafei Bahrain leads not-for-profit Majal.org
Svetlana Alekseeva  Russia Burns survivor
Lizt Alfonso  Cuba Director and choreographer, Cuba
Nimco Ali  United Kingdom
FGM activist in Somaliland
Isabel Allende  Peru writer
Boushra Yahya Almutawakel  Yemen photographer
Alina Anisimova  Kyrgyzstan student programmer at Kyrgyz Girls' Space School
Frances Arnold  United States Nobel Prize winning chemical engineer
Uma Devi Badi    Nepal Leader of the Badi movement and member of the Provincial Assembly in Nepal
Judith Balcazar  United Kingdom Fashion designer and co-founder of Giggle Knickers (underwear for women with urinary incontinence)
Cindy Arlette Contreras Bautista  Peru Lawyer who works against domestic violence as the face of the NiUnaMenos (Not One [woman] Less)
Leyla Belyalova  Uzbekistan Academic and ecologist, seeking to protect Uzbekistan's birdlife and mountain ecosystems
Analia Bortz  Argentina Doctor, rabbi and bioethicist treating women with fertility problems
Fealofani Bruun  Samoa Traditional Polynesian navigator and qualified yachtmaster
Raneen Bukhari  Saudi Arabia Curator, gallery manager, and business developer
Joy Buolamwini  Canada Artificial intelligence artist and researcher
Barbara Burton  United Kingdom Founder and CEO of BehindBras, a charity that supports women prison leavers
Tamara Cheremnova  Russia Author, living with cerebral palsy
Chelsea Clinton  United States writer and organiser
Stacey Cunningham  United States NYSE President
Jenny Davidson (businesswoman)  United States CEO of Stand Up Placer
Asha de Vos  Sri Lanka Marine biologist
Gabriella Di Laccio  Brazil Soprano and founder of DONNE: Women in Music
Xiomara Diaz  Nicaragua Entrepreneur and charity founder
Noma Dumezweni  United Kingdom
eSwatini actor
Chidera Eggerue  United Kingdom "The Slumflower" blogger
Shrouk El-Attar  Egypt Electronics design engineer
Nicole Evans  United Kingdom Early menopause
Raghda Ezzeldin  Egypt Free diver
Mitra Farazandeh  Iran Artist advocate for people with physical disabilities
Mamitu Gashe  Ethiopia Senior nurse aide and fistula surgeon
Meena Gayen  India Business owner and road builder
G.E.M. (Gloria Tang Tsz-kei)  People's Republic of China
 Hong Kong
Fabiola Gianotti  Italy Particle physicist and director general of CERN
Julia Gillard  Australia 27th Prime Minister of Australia
Elena Gorolova  Czech Republic Social worker, campaigning against forced sterilisation
Randi Heesoo Griffin  United States Olympic ice hockey player and data scientist, advocate for equal pay for women in ice hockey
Janet Harbick  Canada Altruistic surrogate
Jessica Hayes  United States Theology teacher and consecrated virgin
Thando Hopa  South Africa Model, lawyer and diversity and inclusion advocate
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim  Chad Environmentalist and advocate for indigenous people and women
Reyhan Jamalova  Azerbaijan Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rainenergy, company that collects energy from rainwater
Jameela Jamil  United Kingdom British actor who founded @i-weigh
Liz Johnson  United Kingdom Paralympian gold medal swimmer and entrepreneur, with a recruitment agency aiming to close the disability employment gap
Lao Khang  Laos Rugby player and coach
Joey Mead King  Philippines Model and television presenter
Krishna Kumari  Pakistan Women's rights campaigner elected to Pakistan Senate
Marie Laguerre  France Civil engineer and architecture student, who has developed platform where women can share stories of street harassment
Veasna Chea Leth  Cambodia Lawyer, first woman to study law in Cambodia
Ana Graciela Sagastume López  El Salvador Women and Femicide Special Prosecutor
Maria Corina Machado  Venezuela Political leader who has campaigned to safeguard democratic processes in Venezuela
Nanaia Mahuta  New Zealand Minister of Maori development, first female parliamentarian to wear a Maori face tattoo
Sakdiyah Maruf  Indonesia First female Muslim stand-up comedian
Nujeen Mustafa  Syria Syrian refugee, activist, and a campaigner on behalf of refugees with disabilities
Lisa McGee  United Kingdom Northern Irish playwright and the writer and creator of Derry Girls
Kirsty McGurrell  United Kingdom Charity co-ordinator of 4Louis, providing memory boxes for bereaved parents of stillborn babies
Becki Meakin  United Kingdom General manager of Shaping Our Lives, advocate for people with disabilities
Ruth Medufia  Ghana Female welder acting as role model for young women in the construction industry
Larisa Mikhaltsova  Ukraine Accordion music teacher who became a model at age 63
Amina J. Mohammed  Nigeria Deputy secretary general, United Nations
Yanar Mohammed  Iraq President of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI)
Joseline Esteffania Velasquez Morales  Guatemala Student and NGO co-ordinator, campaigning to end forced marriages
Robin Morgan  United States Author and activist, founder of The Sisterhood Is Global Institute and the Women's Media Center
Dima Nashawi  Syria Artist, clown and visual storyteller, who collects and reflects tales from Syria
Helena Ndume  Namibia Ophthalmologist who has performed sight-restoring surgeries upon 35,000 Namibians, free of charge
Kelly O'Dwyer  Australia Minister for jobs and industrial relations, and minister for women in the Australian parliament
Yuki Okoda  Japan Astronomer, first person to discover a new star that could shed light on the origins of our solar system
Olivette Otele  Cameroon Professor of History at Bath Spa University, England
Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo  Mexico Mayor of Mexico City and Nobel Peace Prize-winning physicist
Park Soo-yeon  South Korea Digital campaigner against sex crimes
Ophelia Pastrana  Colombia Comedian and media personality
Viji Palithodi  India Activist who founded a women's union in Kerala
Brigitte Sossou Perenyi  Ghana Documentary producer
Vicky Phelan  Ireland Exposed the Irish Cervical Check Screening scandal
Rahibi Soma Popere  India Farmer and founder of Seed Bank, India collecting indigenous seeds
Valentina Quintero  Venezuela Journalist promoting tourism and the environment through television programs
Sam Ross  United Kingdom Catering assistant and advocate for people with Down syndrome
Fatma Samoura  Senegal Secretary General of FIFA
Juliet Sargeant  Tanzania Garden designer
Sima Sarkar  Bangladesh Full-time mother of 18-year-old disabled child
Shaparak Shajarizadeh  Iran Activist against compulsory hijab rule, now in exile
Haven Shepherd  Vietnam Suicide bomb survivor and Paralympic hopeful
Nenney Shushaidah Binti Shamsuddin  Malaysia Female Syiriah judge
Hayat Sindi  Saudi Arabia Biotechnologist, Unesco goodwill ambassador for science and founder of the i2 Institute for imagination and ingenuity
Jacqueline Straub  Germany Theologian, journalist and author seeking to become a Catholic priest
Donna Strickland  Canada Professor of Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada and winner of Nobel Prize in Physics, 2018
Kanpassorn Suriyasangpetch  Thailand Mental health advocate and app developer
Setsuko Takamizawa  Japan Learning English to help tourists at Tokyo's 2020 Olympic Games
Nargis Taraki  Afghanistan NGO legal adviser who campaigns for female empowerment
Ellen Tejle  Sweden Campaigner for awareness of women's representation in film
Helen Taylor Thompson  United Kingdom AIDs Hospice founder
Bola Tinubu  Nigeria Lawyer who established the first free children's helpline in Nigeria
Errollyn Wallen  United Kingdom
Opera composer and performer
Safiya Wazir  Afghanistan Community activist
Gladys West  United States Mathematician, instrumental in developing GPS
Luo Yang  People's Republic of China Art photography series on Chinese girls since 2007
Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick  Iran Fashion designer and motorcyclist
Tashi Zangmo Bhutan Executive director for the Bhutan Nuns Foundation
Jing Zhao  People's Republic of China Entrepreneur running online sex education network


In 2017 the women on the list will be part of the 100 Women Challenge, tackling some of the biggest problems facing women around the world. Coming together in four teams, the women will share their experiences and create innovative ways to tackle:[25]

  • The glass ceiling (#Teamlead)
  • Female illiteracy (#Teamread)
  • Street harassment (#Teamgo)
  • Sexism in sport (#Teamplay)

Glass ceiling team

Image Name Country of birth Description[24]
Agnes Atim Apea  Uganda Founder and CEO of Hope Co-ops
Amy Cuddy  United States Harvard social psychologist and bestselling author
Elaine Welteroth  United States Editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue
Erin Akinci  United States Data scientist
Jin Xing  People's Republic of China Dancer, television star and business owner
Karlie Noon[26]  Australia Astronomer
Lea Coligado  United States Software engineer
Lori Nishiura Mackenzie  United States Executive Director of the Clayman Institute, Stanford University
Loujain Alhathloul  Saudi Arabia Student
Mariana Feraru  Romania Cosmetician
Maci Peterson  United States Co-Founder and CEO, On Second Thought
Maria Teresa Ruiz  Chile Astronomer
Marilyn Loden  United States Author, management consultant and diversity advocate
Marina Potoker  Russia Managing Director, Rockwool Russia
Melisa Marquez-Rodriguez Puerto Rico Lead Android engineer for website builder, Weebly.com
Michelle Mone  United Kingdom Entrepreneur
Muhabbat Sharapova  Uzbekistan Maths teacher
Nana Akua Oppong Birmeh  Ghana Architect
Natalia Margolis  United States Software Engineer at Huge agency
Romina Bernardo (aka Chocolate Remix)  Argentina Musician
Roya Ramezani  Iran Design strategist
Rumman Chowdhury  United States Senior Principal at Accenture AI
Sasha Perigo  United States Student
Savita Devi  India Drummer
Susi Pudjiastuti  Indonesia Politician and entrepreneur
Suzanne Doyle-Morris  Australia Author and expert on gender in the workplace

Female illiteracy team

Image Name Country of birth Description[24]
Aditi Avasthi  India Entrepreneur; Founder and CEO, Embibe
Huynh Thi Xam  Vietnam Librarian
Indira Rana Magar    Nepal Founder, Prisoner's Assistance Nepal
Ira Trivedi  India Writer
Maggie MacDonnell  Canada Teacher
Marieme Jamme  Senegal Founder of iamtheCODE
Mehroonisa Siddiqui  India Homemaker
Michelle Bachelet  Chile President of Chile
Nitya Thummalachetty  India Director of Diversity, FortunaPIX
Peggy Whitson  United States Astronaut
Priyanka Roy  India Student
Sakena Yacoobi  Afghanistan CEO of Afghan Institute for Learning and social entrepreneur with four private schools and one radio station.
Tulika Kiran  India Teacher and social worker
Urvashi Sahni  India Founder and CEO, Study Hall Educational Foundation
Zainab Fadhal Iraq Student
Vicky Colbert  Colombia Sociologist of education
Muzoon Almellehan  Syria Activist
Lin Nien-Tzu  Taiwan Founder, Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop
Frances Melanie Hardinge  United Kingdom Author
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala  Nigeria Economist
Ahlam al-Rashid  Syria Teacher and Head of the Women Empowerment Centre, northern Syria
Regina Honu  Ghana Social entrepreneur
Angeline Murimirwa  Zimbabwe Regional executive director, Camfed Southern & Eastern Africa
Bella Devyatkina  Russia Polyglot
Tran Thi Kim Thia  Vietnam Lottery ticket vendor and swimming coach

Street harassment team

Image Name Country of birth Description[24]
Adelle Onyango  Kenya Radio presenter
Anita Nderu  Kenya Television presenter and radio news anchor
Anne-Marie Imafidon  United Kingdom CEO & 'Head Stemette' at Stemettes
Chaima Lahsini  Morocco Journalist
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Liberia President of Liberia
Ellie Cosgrave  United Kingdom Lecturer in Urban Innovation and Policy at UCL
Laura Jordan Bambach  Australia Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Mr President and Co-Founder, SheSays
Liz Kelly  United Kingdom Professor of Sexualised Violence
Maria Scorodinschi Moldova Campaigner against domestic violence
Naomi Mwaura  Kenya Founder, Flone Initiative and Communications Associate at ITDP Africa
Resham Khan  United Kingdom Student
Rupi Kaur  India Author
Talent Jumo  Zimbabwe Founder and Director, Katswe Sistahood
Tiwa Savage  Nigeria Singer-songwriter
Virali Modi  India Disability rights activist and youth ambassador
Leila Smith  France Artist
Sharon Sabita Beepath  United Kingdom Counsellor
Amanda Nunez-Ferreira  United States Student
Somporn Khempetch  Thailand Social worker and teacher[27]
Tamara De Anda  Mexico Journalist
Doris Muthoni Wanjira  Kenya Conductor
Hanne Bingle  Denmark Retired London Underground driver
Nihal Saad Zaghloul  Egypt Business development officer and co-founder of Bassma
Angie Ng  Malaysia Founder of SlutWalk Hong Kong
Asena Melisa Saglam  Turkey Student

Sexism in sport team

Image Name Country of birth Description[24]
Adriana Behar  Brazil General Manager of Sport Planning for the Brazilian Olympic Committee since 2011
Ana Luiza Santos de Andrade  Brazil Student
Beatriz Vaz E Silva  Brazil Athlete
Claudianny Drika  Brazil Football coach
Fernanda Nunes  Brazil Olympic canoeist and blogger
Grace Larsen  United States Retired civil servant
Luiza Travassos  Brazil Student
Maira Liguori  Brazil NGO director
MC Soffia  Brazil Rapper
Mithali Raj  India Cricketer
Momina Mustehsan  Pakistan Musician
Nadia Comaneci  Romania
 United States
Nawaal Akram  Qatar Model, comedian and founder of Muscular Dystrophy Qatar
Nora Tausz Ronai  Italy Architect and teacher
Steph Houghton  United Kingdom Footballer
Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala  Sri Lanka Women's rights activist and mountaineer
Cwengekile Nikiwe Myeni  South Africa Gogo (granny) support programme manager
Helena Pacheco  Brazil Businesswoman and former football coach
Rocky Hehakaija  Netherlands Director Favela Street Foundation and motivational speaker and coach
Lina Khalifeh  Jordan Martial arts expert
Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Dung  Vietnam Footballer
Derartu Tulu  Ethiopia Long-distance runner
Shantona Rani Roy  Bangladesh Activist
Hou Yifan  People's Republic of China Chess player


The 2016 theme was Defiance.[16] Part of the 100 Women festival took place in Mexico City on this year.[28] The 2016 list was published in alphabetical order.[29]

Image Name Nationality Description
Alicia Keys  United States Singer, songwriter, pianist, actress, record producer and philanthropist
Aline Mukovi Neema  Republic of the Congo Student activist for political change
Amna Suleiman  Palestine Protester against custom that stops women cycling
Amy Roko  Saudi Arabia Comedian who became known via Instagram and Vine
Asel Sadyrova  Kyrgyzstan Archer
Ashwaq Moharram  Yemen Doctor dealing with starvation in Hudaydah
Babs Forman  United Kingdom London based make-up artist who covers up skin problems
Becci Wain  United Kingdom Former self-harmer who challenged supermarket policy
Carmen Aristegui  Mexico journalist
Carolina de Oliveira  Lebanon
Mental health activist
Cat Hulbert  United States Professional gambler
Chan Yuen-ting  Hong Kong football manager[30]
Chanira Bajracharya    Nepal Former "living goddess" or Kumari
Churan Zheng  People's Republic of China Women's rights activist arrested for planning protest against sexual harassment on public transportation
Cindy Meston  Canada Clinical psychology professor
Conchi Reyes Rios  Spain Bullfighter (es)
Corinne Maier  France French writer
Dalia Sabri  Jordan Blind music teacher
Denise Ho  Canada
 Hong Kong
Pop icon[30]
Doaa el-Adl  Egypt Cartoonist of cat whose stories reflect the news
Dwi Handa  Indonesia Fashion star
Egge Kande  Senegal Community leader who advises young girls about education
Ellinah Ntombi Wamukoya  Eswatini First woman to become a bishop of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
Erin McKenney  United States Science award winner
Erin Sweeny  Australia rape psychologist
Evelyn Miralles  Venezuela NASA engineer
Funke Bucknor-Obruthe[31]  Nigeria Planner of glitzy and celebrity weddings
Gcina Mhlope[32]  South Africa Author, poet, playwright and storyteller
Gouri Chindarkar  India Computer engineering student of the "School in the Cloud"
Heather Rabbatts  Jamaica Chief Executive of the London Borough of Lambeth
Heloise Letissier  France French singer and songwriter known by her stage name Christine and the Queens
Ieshia Evans  United States Black protester
Isabella Springmuhl Tejada  Guatemala Fashion designer
Iskra Lawrence  United Kingdom Model
Jamilah Lemieux  United States Cultural commentator
Jane Elliott  United States Anti-racism activist
Janet Ní Shuilleabháin  Ireland Abortion rights campaigner
Jeanette Winterson  United Kingdom novelist
Judi Aubel  United States Social entrepreneur
June Eric-Udorie  United Kingdom Student activist
Karima Baloch  Pakistan
( Balochistan)
Balochistan independence campaigner; died under suspicious circumstances in 2020
Kartika Jahja  Indonesia gender-equality singer
Katherine Johnson  United States Space scientist who was a mathematician for NASA
Kathy Murray  United States "surrendered wife"
Khadija Ismayilova  Azerbaijan Journalist
Lhakpa Sherpa    Nepal Mountaineer who has climbed Everest seven times.
Liliane Landor  Lebanon BBC journalist
Liv Little  United Kingdom Magazine editor
Lois Strong  United States Cheerleader
Lubna Tahtamouni  Jordan Science campaigner
Lucy Finch  Malawi hospice founder (only one in Malawi)
Mallika Srinivasan  India tractor manufacturer
Mao Kobayashi  Japan Cancer blogger
Mariana Costa  Peru Businesswoman
Marne Levine  United States COO of Instagram
Marta Sánchez Soler  Mexico Sociologist
Marta Vieira da Silva  Brazil Footballer
'Mary'  Kenya Survivor of al-Shabab rape
Mary Akrami  Afghanistan Refuge founder
Megan Beveridge  United Kingdom
First female "lone piper" at the Edinburgh Tattoo
Mercedes Doretti  Argentina Forensic anthropologist who investigates crimes against humanity
Morena Herrera  El Salvador Abortion activist
Nadia Khiari  Tunisia Cartoonist of 'Willis from Tunis', whose adventures are about the news
Nadiya Hussain  United Kingdom Winner of reality show "Bake Off" – went on to television jobs
Naema Ahmed  Pakistan Start-up manager
Nagira Sabashova  Kyrgyzstan Wrestler
Natalia Ponce de Leon  Colombia Acid attack victim
Nay el-Rahi  Lebanon Harassment tracker
Neha Singh  India Campaigner who encourages women to ignore harassment and reclaim the public space
Omotade Alalade  Nigeria Infertility foundation creator
Ou Xiaobai  People's Republic of China App developer which links gay and lesbian people for marriages of convenience
Pashtun Rahmat  Afghanistan Police officer
Paula Hawkins  Zimbabwe Thriller writer of "Girl on the Train"
Prathiba Parmar  Kenya British film maker
Rachida Dati  France Politician
Rakefet Russak-Aminoach  Israel Banker
Rebecca Walker  United States Writer and activist
Reham el-Hour  Morocco Cartoonist who became professional after winning a UNESCO competition in 2000
Renee Rabinowitz  Belgium Lawyer who sued the El Al airline when she was asked to move as the man next to her objected to sitting by a female passenger
Saalumarada Thimmakka  India 105-year-old environmentalist who has managed trees
Seyhan Arman  Turkey Transgender activist
Sherin Khankan  Denmark Imam
Shirin Gerami  Iran First woman triathlete in Iran
Shriti Vadera  Uganda Banker who served as UK minister
Sian Williams  United Kingdom
Rugby player
Simone Biles  United States Olympic gymnast
Stephanie Harvey  Canada Professional e-gamer "missharvey"
Stephanie Yim Bell  United States Korean-American professional wrestler, then known as Jade
Sunny Leone  Canada Actress
Traci Houpapa  New Zealand Company director
Um-Yehia  Syria Nurse
Viktoria Modesta  Latvia Iconic pop artist
Winnie Harlow  Canada Model
Yasmine Mustafa  Kuwait Entrepreneur
Yuliya Stepanova  Russia Whistle-blowing athlete
Zoleka Mandela  South Africa Writer – survivor of addictions, sexual abuse and cancer. Grand daughter of Nelson Mandela.
Zulaikha Patel  South Africa Thirteen year-old who took stand for young girls with natural hair
Tess Asplund  Sweden Anti-fascism activist caught in iconic photo resisting fascists
Thuli Madonsela[32]  South Africa Advocate who combats corruption
Maria Zakharova  Russia Foreign ministry spokeswoman


The BBC News 100 Women list in 2015 was made up of many notable international names,[33] as well as women who were unknown, but who represented issues women face. The women of 2015, were from 51 countries and were not necessarily those who would traditionally have been seen as role models—a woman suffering from depression, a woman who advocates for equal access to bathroom facilities, a woman who encourages other women to avoid make-up, and a reindeer nomad.[34]

Image Name Country Occupation
Nicola Adams  United Kingdom boxer
Muzzon al-Mellehan  Syria Activist
Siba Alaradi  Syria Structural engineer
Antonia Albert  Austria Entrepreneur
Sonita Alizadeh[35]  Afghanistan Rapper
Victoria Alonsoperez  Uruguay Entrepreneur
Niloufar Ardalan  Iran Footballer
Paulina Arreola  Mexico Entrepreneur
Masoumeh Ataei  Iran Acid attack survivor
Xyza Bacani  Philippines Photographer
Alimata Bara  Burkina Faso Trader
Sana Ben Ashour  Tunisia Civil society activist
Nicola Benedetti  United Kingdom Musician
Meryl Benitah  France Entrepreneur
Fatou Bensouda  Gambia International Criminal Court (ICC) Chief Prosecutor
Asha Bhosle[17]  India Singer
Cecilia Bouzat  Argentina Biophysicist
Bobbi Brown  United States Make-up artist and entrepreneur
Naomi Bya’Ombe  Republic of the Congo Student
Rivka Carmi  Israel Geneticist
Massiel Chávez  Venezuela Student
Eveles Chimala  Malawi Midwife
Estela de Carlotto  Argentina Human rights activist
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma  South Africa Physician and chair of the African Union Commission
Isabel dos Santos  Angola Investor
Leimin Duong  Australia Beer entrepreneur
Ernestina Edem Appiah  Ghana Social entrepreneur, founder Ghana Code Club
Aissa Edon  France
Jana Elhassan  Lebanon Novelist
Nawal el-Sadaawi  Egypt Writer
Paula Escobar  Chile Magazine editor
Monir Farmanfarmaian  Iran Artist
Claire Fox  United Kingdom Writer and broadcaster
Elissa Freiha  United Arab Emirates
Uta Frith  Germany Psychologist
Melanie Goldsmith  United Kingdom Entrepreneur
Alina Gracheva  Moldova Camerawoman
Megan Grano  United States Comedian
Alice Gray  United Kingdom Science blogger
Sara Jane Ho  Hong Kong Entrepreneur
Michaela Hollywood  United Kingdom Fundraiser for the disabled
Ella Ingram[35]  Australia Activist for mental illness anti-discrimination
Ayesha Ishtiaq  Pakistan Student
Somayya Jabarti  Saudi Arabia Newspaper editor
Azza Jadalla  Palestine Nurse
Misraa Jimaa  Ethiopia Health extension worker
Samantha John  United States Entrepreneur of Hopscotch company
Kamini Kaushal[17]  India Bollywood actress
Tahmina Kohistani  Afghanistan Olympic sprinter
Rimppi Kumari[17]  India Farmer
Linda Kwamboka  Kenya Entrepreneur
Tina Lavender  United Kingdom Midwife
Zihan Ling  People's Republic of China Entrepreneur
Zimasa Mabela  South Africa Naval captain
Emi Mahmoud  Sudan
 United States
Catherine Mahugu  Kenya Jewelry entrepreneur
Amara Majeed  United States Hijab activist and author
Nemata Majeks-Walker  Sierra Leone Women's rights activist
Katrine Marcal  Sweden Writer and journalist
Karabo Mathang  South Africa Entrepreneur
Muniba Mazari  Pakistan Artist and anchorwoman
Jessy McCabe  United Kingdom Student
Sania Mirza[35]  India Tennis player
Brit Morin  United States Entrepreneur
Smriti Nagpal[17]  India Entrepreneur
Pauline Ng  Singapore Entrepreneur
Delaney Osborne  United States Student
Bel Pesce  Brazil Entrepreneur
Verashni Pillay  South Africa Newspaper editor
Irina Polyakova  Russia Paralympian
Elsa Prieto  France
Cristina Randall  Canada Entrepreneur
Claire Reid  South Africa Entrepreneur
Jenni Rhodes  United Kingdom Textile designer
Nikita Ridgeway  Australia Entrepreneur
Neyda Rojas  Venezuela Nun
Lubov Russkina  Russia Reindeer nomad
Rabia Salihu Said  Nigeria Physicist
Amina Sboui  Tunisia Writer and women's rights activist
Lorrana Scarpioni  Brazil Entrepreneur
Louise Schwartz  Jamaica Showgirl and cabaret performer
Patricia Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal  United Kingdom Trade envoy
Mumtaz Shaikh[17]  India Human rights activist
Nareen Shammo  Iraq Political activist and journalist
Rasha Shehada  Palestine Manufacturing director
Zuzanna Stańska  Poland Entrepreneur
Michelle Sun  Hong Kong Entrepreneur
Hilary Swank[35]  United States Actress
Julie Sygiel  United States Entrepreneur
Rotana Tarabzouni  Saudi Arabia Singer/songwriter
Kanika Tekriwal[17][36]  India Entrepreneur
Lizanne Teo  Singapore Entrepreneur
Jana Tepe  Germany Entrepreneur
Li Tingting  People's Republic of China Human rights activist
Sophie Walker  United Kingdom Leader of the Women's Equality Party
Alek Wek  United Kingdom
 South Sudan
Fashion model/UN ambassador
Xian Xu  People's Republic of China Entrepreneur
Tin Tin Yu  Myanmar Teacher
Marie-Ange Zimndou Koutou  Central African Republic Nurse's aide in a war zone
Nour  Syria Refugee


The BBC News 100 Women list in 2014 continued the efforts of the first year's initiative.[37]

Image Name Country Occupation
SDr Yasmin Altwaijri  Saudi Arabia Mental health and obesity scientist
Conchita Wurst  Austria Singer
Laura Bates  United Kingdom Founder, Everyday Sexism project
Pinky Lilani  United Kingdom Founder, Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Ruby Chakravarti  India Women's rights campaigner
Susie Orbach  United Kingdom Psychotherapist
Pontso Mafethe  Zimbabwe Women's programme manager, Comic Relief@pontso_mafethe
Kate Shand  United Kingdom Managing director of Enjoy Education
Shappi Khorsandi  United Kingdom Comedian
Shazia Saleem  United Kingdom Founder ieat Foods
Wai Wai Nu  Myanmar Director, Women Peace Net
Michaela Bergman  United Kingdom Chief Counsellor for Social Issues, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Paula Moreno  Colombia Founder of peace foundation Manos Visibles
Rubana Huq  Bangladesh Textile manufacturer
Lucy-Anne Holmes  United Kingdom Founder, No More Page Three campaign
Brianna Stubbs  United Kingdom Rower for Great Britain and Oxford PhD Scientist
Matilda Tristam  United Kingdom Comics writer
Nigar Nazar  Pakistan Cartoonist@NigarNazar
Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy  Pakistan Documentary film-maker
Uldus Bakhtiozina  Russia Photographer
Lesley Yellowlees  United Kingdom First female president, Royal Chemistry Society
Rebecca Gomperts  Netherlands Founder, Women on Waves
Katherine Brown  United Kingdom Academic, Kings College London
Emily Kasyoka  Kenya Boxer, Kenya
Aowen Jin  United Kingdom Chinese-born British artist
Eliza Rebeiro  United Kingdom Founder of Lives not Knives
Muge Iplikci  Turkey Journalist
Natumanya Sarah  Uganda Educator
Linda Tirado  United States Campaigner
Alice Hagan  United Kingdom Technician at healthcare company BTG
May Tha Hla  Myanmar Food aid social worker
Rainatou Sow  Guinea Founder of Make Every Woman Count
Justa Canaviri[38]  Bolivia Celebrity chef, Bolivia
Heather Jackson  United Kingdom Women's business campaigner
Ruby Wax  United States Mental health campaigner and comic
Umm Ahmed  Iraq Sole provider for her family
Xiaolu Guo  People's Republic of China Novelist and film-maker
Hind Hobeika  Lebanon Founder of Instabeat
Molly Case  United Kingdom Student nurse and Women of the Future Ambassador
Joyce Banda  Malawi Former President of Malawi
Saadia Zahidi  Pakistan Managing Director at the World Economic Forum
Aditi Mittal  India Stand-up comedian
Jess Butcher  United Kingdom Co-founder of Blippar
Farah Mohamed  United States Girls 20 summit founder
Katy Tuncer  United Kingdom Founder, Ready Steady Mums
Smruti Sriram  United Kingdom Founder, Wings of Hope & Achievement Awards
Darshan Karki    Nepal Opinion-piece editor at Kathmandu Post daily, blogger
Brooke Magnanti  United States
 United Kingdom
Anthropologist, author, former sex worker
Chipo Chung  Zimbabwe
 People's Republic of China
Actor and activist
Pinar Ogunc  Iraq Journalist writing about women's issues and the Kurdish political movement
Sabina Kurgunayeva  Azerbaijan Footballer who also runs her own bicycle rental business
Kate Wilson  United Kingdom Founder of independent children's book publisher in UK
Betty Lalam  Uganda Director of women's community organisation
Arabella Dorman  United Kingdom War artist
Andy Kawa  South Africa Businesswoman and social entrepreneur
Bahia Shehab  Lebanon
Artist, designer and art historian
Divya Sharma  India Science student
Jocelyn Bell Burnell  United Kingdom Scientist who discovered Pulsars
Eleni Antoniadou  Greece Co-Founder Transplants Without Donors
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed  United Kingdom Blogger, columnist and author
Salinee Tavaranan  Thailand Engineer and social entrepreneur
Hatoon Kadi  Saudi Arabia Comedian
Brie Rogers Lowery  United Kingdom Director of Change.org
Balvinder Saund  United Kingdom Chair of Women's Sikh Alliance
Cora Sherlock  Ireland Pro-life campaigner and blogger
Alaa Murabit  Canada
Founder, The Voice of Libyan Women
Bushra El-Turk  United Kingdom
Composer for London Symphony Orchestra
Kim Winser  United Kingdom Founder, Winser London
Arzu Geybullayeva  Azerbaijan blogger
Judith Webb  United Kingdom First female commander of an all-male British Army squadron@sjbwebb
Sarah Hesterman  Qatar Equal rights campaigner
Sana Saleem  Pakistan Pakistani campaigner against Internet censorship
Asma Mansour  Tunisia Co-founder of Tunisian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
Diana Nammi  United Kingdom Kurdish women's rights campaigner against "honour" killing
Funmi Iyanda  Nigeria Talk show host, journalist, activist
Karen Masters  United Kingdom Scientist at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation
Khuloud Saba  Syria Researcher and public health worker
Yolanda Wang Yixuan  People's Republic of China Women's rights campaigner
Ayesha Mustafa  United Kingdom Founder and director of FashionComPassion.co.uk
Obiageli Ezekwesili  Nigeria Former World Bank Vice President for Africa and Former Minister for Education
Tehmina Kazi  United Kingdom Director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy
Sophi Tranchell  United Kingdom Head of Divine Chocolate
Boghuma Kabisen Titanji  Cameroon Virologist and campaigner for ethical medical research
Dwi Rubiyanti Kholifah  Indonesia Women's movement leader
Anjali Ramachandran  United Kingdom Head of Innovation at PHD
Yas Necati  United Kingdom Campaigner for better sex education
Yeonmi Park  South Korea Activist raising awareness of the plight of her people in North Korea
Irene Li  Hong Kong Citizen journalist who took part in and documented protests
Sandee Pyne  Myanmar Chief executive of Community Partner's International, focused on aid
Temie Giwa  Nigeria
 United States
Founder of the One Percent Project, facilitating blood donation
Kavita Krishnan  India Secretary, All India Progressive Women's Association
Sarah Khan  Pakistan Filmmaker and campaigner
Nicky Moffat  United Kingdom Highest Ranked woman in British Armed Forces
Alice Powell  United Kingdom Racing driver and first female to win a Formula Renault Championship
Misty Haith  United Kingdom Research Engineer at Imperial College London
Sally Sabry  Egypt Businesswoman
Kate Smurthwaite  United Kingdom Comedian and activist
Susana Lopez  Mexico Virologist specialising in rotavirus
Jaya Luintel    Nepal Journalist and women's rights advocate
Nicola Sturgeon  United Kingdom
First Minister of Scotland


The 2013 event was a month-long BBC series that took place in October.[9] The series examined the role of women in the 21st century and culminated in an event held at BBC Broadcasting House in London, United Kingdom on 25 October 2013 involving a hundred women from around the world, all of whom came from different walks of life.[9] The day featured debate and discussion on radio, television and online, in which the participants were asked to give their opinions about the issues facing women.[1]

The event held on 25 October 2013 featured 100 women from all walks of life.[39]

Image Name Occupation
Salwa Abu Libdeh Palestinian television journalist
Madawi Al-Rasheed Saudi academic and gender expert
Nadia Al-Sakkaf Editor, Yemen Times
Sreymom Ang Cambodian fashion designer
Anna Arrowsmith English porn film director
Joyce Aoko Aruga Student teacher in Kenya
Moe Thuzar Aung Myanmar state broadcast
Rehana Azib London-based barrister
Firuza Aliyeva Associate Director, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
Zainab Hawa Bangura UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict
Michaela Bergman Chief Counsellor for Social Issues, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Claire Bertschinger Anglo-Swiss nurse whose work inspired Live Aid
Ingrid Betancourt French-Colombian former politician and FARC hostage
Cherie Blair British barrister and philanthropist
Emma Bonino Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italy
Yvonne Brewster Stage director, teacher and writer
Gurinder Chadha British-Asian film director
Nervana Mahmoud Egyptian blogger and commentator
Irina Chakraborty Russian-Finnish-Indian engineer
Shadi Sadr Iranian lawyer and human rights defender
Chipo Chung Chinese-Zimbabwean actor and activist
Helen Clark Head of UN Development Programme, former New Zealand Prime Minister
Diane Coyle Economist, writer and blogger
Caroline Criado Perez British journalist and feminist campaigner
Jody Day founder of Gateway Women, a network for childless women
Es Devlin British theatre designer
Klara Dobrev Hungarian lawyer and economist
Efua Dorkenoo Ghanaian Senior Advisor to Equality Now and campaigner against female genital mutilation
Sigridur Maria Egilsdottir Iceland's champion debater
Marwa El-Daly Egyptian grassroots activists, founder of the Waqfeyat Foundation
Bushra El-Turk British-Lebanese composer
Obiageli Ezekwesili Senior adviser, Open Society Foundation
Caroline Farrow Catholic writer, blogger and pro-life activist
Anne Stella Fomumbod Women's rights activist, Cameroon
Teresa Forcades Radical Spanish nun
Razan Ghazzawi Syrian blogger and activist
Rebecca Gomperts Dutch doctor, head of Women on Waves
Tanni Grey-Thompson Winner of 11 Paralympic Games gold medals
Parveen Hassan Conservative women's organiser, UK
Barbara Hewson Senior barrister, UK
Anis Hidayah Indonesian activist working on migrant worker rights
Deborah Hopkins British mother and political activist
Rose Hudson-Wilkin Jamaican born British priest
Bettany Hughes Historian, author, broadcaster
Rubana Huq Bangladeshi textile manufacturer
Leyla Hussein Co-founder, Daughters of Eve, anti-violence campaigner
Heather Jackson CEO of An Inspirational Journey and Founder of The Women's Business Forum
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed Blogger, columnist and author
Laura Janner-Klausner Movement rabbi, specializing in Reform Judaism
Aowen Jin Chinese contemporary artist
Andy Kawa South African businesswoman, anti-violence campaigner
Tehmina Kazi Director, British Muslims for a Secular Democracy
Jude Kelly Artistic Director, Southbank Centre
Fereshteh Khosroujerdy Visually impaired Iranian singer
Azadeh Kian Iranian academic and genderspecialist
Kanya King CEO and founder, Mobo
Fawzia Koofi MP and former Deputy Speaker, Afghan National Parliament
Dina Korzun Russian actor and charity activist
Martha Lane-Fox UK technology entrepreneur
Paris Lees Transgender broadcaster
Ann Leslie Journalist
Sian Lindley Researcher in social technology
Pontso Mafethe Programme manager, Comic Relief
Brooke Magnanti US anthropologist, author, former sex worker
Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba Deputy Secretary General, the Commonwealth
Shirley Meredeen Founding member, Growing Old Disgracefully
Samar Samir Mezghanni Record-breaking young Tunisian writer
Shazia Mirza British comedian
Aditi Mittal Indian comedian
Rosmery Mollo Indigenous Bolivian activist
Orzala Ashraf Nemat Afghan scholar and civil society activist
Pauline Neville-Jones Former UK Security and Counter-Terrorism Minister
Susie Orbach Psychotherapist and author
Mirina Paananen Islamic researcher
Claudia Paz y Paz Attorney General, Guatemala
Mariane Pearl French journalist, founder of Chime for Change
Laura Perrins Stay-at-home mother
Charlotte Raven British feminist and journalist
Gail Rebuck Chief executive, Random House UK
Justine Roberts Founder, Mumsnet
Sarah Rogers Voice of Women community radio, Sierra Leone
Fatima Said British-Egyptian pro-democracy advocate
Balvinder Saund Chair of Sikh Women's Alliance
Kamila Shamsie UK-based Pakistani writer
Divya Sharma Indian electronics and communications engineer
Bahia Shehab Lebanese-Egyptian artist, designer and art historian
Joanna Shields Chair and CEO, Tech City Investment Organisation
Stephanie Shirley Businesswoman and philanthropist
Clare Short British politician, former International Development Secretary
Jacqui Smith Former UK Home Secretary
Kate Smurthwaite British stand-up comedian and activist
Rainatou Sow Guinean founder, Make Every Woman Count
Louise Stephenson Trainee counsellor, UK
May Tha Hla Founder, Helping The Burmese Delta
Natasha Walter British feminist writer and campaigner
Judith Webb First female commander of all-male British Army squadron
Saadia Zahidi Head of Gender Parity and Human Capital, World Economic Forum
Dinara Zhorobekova Student, Kyrgyzstan
Gemma Godfrey Board director, broadcaster
Martina Navratilova 18-time Grand Slam singles tennis champion

100 Women (BBC) Laureates articles: 670