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1000 Guineas Stakes

British Group 1 horse race for 3-year-old fillies

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1000 Guineas Stakes
Group 1 race
LocationRowley Mile
Newmarket, Suffolk, England
Race typeFlat / Thoroughbred
Race information
Distance1 mile (1,609 metres)
QualificationThree-year-old fillies
Weight9 st 0 lb
Purse£500,000 (2019)
1st: £283,550
1000 Guineas Stakes
Love Cloak Of Spirits Quadrilateral

The 1000 Guineas Stakes is a Group 1 flat horse race in Great Britain open to three-year-old fillies. It is run on the Rowley Mile at Newmarket over a distance of 1 mile (1,609 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in late April or early May on the Sunday following the 2000 Guineas Stakes.

It is the second of Britain's five Classic races, and the first of two restricted to fillies. It can also serve as the opening leg of the Fillies' Triple Crown, followed by the Oaks and the St Leger, but the feat of winning all three is rarely attempted.

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The 1000 Guineas was first run on 28 April 1814, five years after the inaugural running of the equivalent race for both colts and fillies, the 2000 Guineas. The two races were established by the Jockey Club under the direction of Sir Charles Bunbury, who had earlier co-founded the Derby. They were named according to their original prize funds (a guinea amounted to 21 shillings, or £1.05).

By the mid-1860s, the 1000 Guineas had become one of Britain's most prestigious races for three-year-olds. The five leading events for this age group, characterised by increasing distances as the season progressed, were now referred to as "Classics". The concept was later adopted in many other countries.

European variations of the 1000 Guineas include the German 1,000 Guineas, the Irish 1,000 Guineas, the Poule d'Essai des Pouliches and the Premio Regina Elena. Other countries to have adopted the format include Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

The 1000 Guineas is served by trial races such as the Nell Gwyn Stakes and the Fred Darling Stakes, but for some horses it is the first race of the season. The 1000 Guineas itself can act as a trial for the Oaks, and the last horse to win both was Love in 2020.

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Leading jockey (7 wins):

  • George FordhamMayonaise (1859), Nemesis (1861), Siberia (1865), Formosa (1868), Scottish Queen (1869), Thebais (1881), Hauteur (1883)

Leading trainer (9 wins):

  • Robert RobsonCorinne (1818), Catgut (1819), Rowena (1820), Zeal (1821), Whizgig (1822), Zinc (1823), Tontine (1825), Problem (1826), Arab (1827)

Leading owner (8 wins):

  • 4th Duke of GraftonCatgut (1819), Rowena (1820), Zeal (1821), Whizgig (1822), Zinc (1823), Tontine (1825), Problem (1826), Arab (1827)
  • Fastest winning time – Ghanaati (2009), 1m 34.22s
  • Widest winning margin – Mayonaise (1859), 20 lengths
  • Longest odds winner – Billesdon Brook (2018), 66/1
  • Shortest odds winnerCrucifix (1840), 1/10
  • Most runners – 29, in 1926
  • Fewest runners – 1 (a walkover), in 1825

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Year Winner Jockey Trainer Owner Time
1814 Charlotte Bill Clift Tom Perren Christopher Wilson
1815 Filly by Selim Bill Clift Richard Prince 3rd Baron Foley
1816 Rhoda Sam Barnard Dixon Boyce 5th Duke of Rutland
1817 Neva Bill Arnull Dixon Boyce George Watson
1818 Corinne Frank Buckle Robert Robson John Udney
1819 Catgut Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1820 Rowena Frank Buckle Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1821 Zeal Frank Buckle Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1822 Whizgig Frank Buckle Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1823 Zinc Frank Buckle Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1824 Cobweb Jem Robinson James Edwards 5th Earl of Jersey
1825 Tontine Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1826 Problem John Barham Day Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1827 Arab Frank Buckle Robert Robson 4th Duke of Grafton
1828 Zoe Jem Robinson Bobby Pettit Arthur Molony
1829 Young Mouse Bill Arnull Dixon Boyce Lord George Cavendish
1830 Charlotte West Jem Robinson James Edwards 5th Earl of Jersey
1831 Galantine Patrick Conolly H. Scott Sir Mark Wood
1832 Galata Bill Arnull Charles Marson 2nd Marquess of Exeter
1833 Tarantella E. Wright John Robinson T. H. Cookes
1834 May-day John Barham Day John Doe 9th Baron Berners
1835 Preserve Nat Flatman R. Prince Jr. Charles Greville
1836 Destiny John Barham Day John Barham Day Thomas Houldsworth
1837 Chapeau d'Espagne John Barham Day John Barham Day Lord George Bentinck
1838 Barcarolle Edward Edwards W. Edwards 4th Earl of Albemarle
1839 Cara George Edwards Charles Marson Richard Watt
1840 Crucifix John Barham Day John Barham Day Lord George Bentinck
1841 Potentia Jem Robinson George Payne Stanlake Batson
1842 Firebrand Sam Rogers John Kent Jr. Lord George Bentinck
1843 Extempore Sam Chifney Jr. Bobby Pettit Thomas Thornhill
1844 Sorella Jem Robinson William Butler Jr. George Osbaldeston
1845 Pic-Nic William Abdale John Kent Jr. 5th Duke of Richmond
1846 Mendicant Sam Day John Day John Gully
1847 Clementina Nat Flatman Montgomery Dilly George Payne
1848 Canezou Frank Butler John Scott Lord Stanley
1849 The Flea Alfred Day John Day Frank Clarke
1850 Lady Orford Frank Butler W. Beresford 3rd Earl of Orford
1851 Aphrodite Job Marson Alec Taylor Sr. Sir Joseph Hawley
1852 Kate Alfred Day J. Woolcott J. Sargent
1853 Mentmore Lass Jack Charlton W. King Mayer A. de Rothschild
1854 Virago John Wells John Barham Day Henry Padwick
1855 Habena Sam Rogers William Butler Jr. 7th Duke of Bedford
1856 Manganese John Osborne Jr. John Osborne John King
1857 Imperieuse Nat Flatman John Scott John Scott 1:53.00
1858 Governess Tom Ashmall Tom Eskrett William Gratwicke
1859 Mayonaise George Fordham Tom Taylor William Stuart Stirling-Crawfurd
1860 Sagitta Tom Aldcroft John Scott 14th Earl of Derby
1861 Nemesis George Fordham William Harlock G. Fleming 1:50.00
1862 Hurricane Tom Ashmall John Scott 6th Viscount Falmouth
1863 Lady Augusta Arthur Edwards Joseph Dawson 7th Earl of Stamford
1864 Tomato John Wells Joseph Hayhoe Mayer A. de Rothschild 1:53.00
1865 Siberia George Fordham John Day 8th Duke of Beaufort
1866 Repulse Tom Cannon Sr. John Day 4th Marquess of Hastings
1867 Achievement Harry Custance James Dover Mark Pearson
1868 Formosa George Fordham Henry Woolcott William Graham
1869 Scottish Queen George Fordham John Day 8th Duke of Beaufort
1870 Hester Jemmy Grimshaw Joseph Dawson Joseph Dawson
1871 Hannah Charlie Maidment Joseph Hayhoe Mayer A. de Rothschild
1872 Reine Henry Parry Tom Jennings Sr. Claude Joachim Lefèvre
1873 Cecilia Jack Morris Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth
1874 Apology John Osborne Jr. William Osborne John King
1875 Spinaway Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth
1876 Camelia Tom Glover T. Cunnington Frédéric de Lagrange
1877 Belphoebe Harry Jeffery George Bloss Marquess of Hartington
1878 Pilgrimage Tom Cannon Sr. Joe Cannon 4th Earl of Lonsdale 2:00.00
1879 Wheel of Fortune Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth 1:54.00
1880 Elizabeth Charles Wood Joseph Dawson T. E. Walker 1:56.00
1881 Thebais George Fordham Alec Taylor Sr. William Stirling Crawfurd 1:50.00
1882 St Marguerite Charles Wood R. Sherrard William Stirling Crawfurd 1:55.40
1883 Hauteur George Fordham Tom Jennings Jr. Claude Joachim Lefèvre 1:52.80
1884 Busybody Tom Cannon Sr. Tom Cannon Sr. George Baird 1:47.00
1885 Farewell George Barrett John Porter 1st Duke of Westminster 1:47.80
1886 Miss Jummy John Watts Richard Marsh 12th Duke of Hamilton 1:52.40
1887 Reve d'Or Charles Wood Alec Taylor Sr. 8th Duke of Beaufort 1:47.60
1888 Briar-root Billy Warne James Ryan Douglas Baird 1:44.00
1889 Minthe Jimmy Woodburn Mathew Dawson Robert Vyner 1:52.00
1890 Semolina John Watts George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland 1:48.80
1891 Mimi Fred Rickaby Mathew Dawson Noel Fenwick 1:44.20
1892 La Fleche George Barrett John Porter Baron Maurice de Hirsch 1:52.40
1893 Siffleuse Tommy Loates Percy Peck Sir John Blundell Maple 1:53.00
1894 Amiable Walter Bradford George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland 1:46.00
1895 Galeottia Fred Pratt James Ryan Alfred Cox 1:47.20
1896 Thais John Watts Richard Marsh HRH Prince of Wales 1:46.20
1897 Chelandry John Watts William Walters Jr. 5th Earl of Rosebery 1:42.60
1898 Nun Nicer Sam Loates Willie Waugh Sir John Blundell Maple 1:48.60
1899 Sibola Tod Sloan John Huggins Lord William Beresford 1:44.20
1900 Winifreda Sam Loates Tom Jennings Jr. Leonard Brassey 1:46.00
1901 Aida Danny Maher George Blackwell Sir James Miller 1:44.6
1902 Sceptre Herbert Randall Bob Sievier Bob Sievier 1:40.2
1903 Quintessence Herbert Randall Jim Chandler 7th Viscount Falmouth 1:48.0
1904 Pretty Polly Willie Lane Peter Gilpin Eustace Loder 1:40.00
1905 Cherry Lass George McCall Jack Robinson William Hall Walker 1:43.40
1906 Flair Bernard Dillon Peter Gilpin Sir Daniel Cooper 1:40.6
1907 Witch Elm Barry Lynham Jack Robinson William Hall Walker 1:42.6
1908 Rhodora Lucien Lyne James Allen Richard Croker 1:43.8
1909 Electra Bernard Dillon Peter Gilpin Ludwig Neumann 1:40.4
1910 Winkipop Barry Lynham Willie Waugh Waldorf Astor 1:41.00
1911 Atmah Freddie Fox Fred Pratt James A. de Rothschild 1:38.40
1912 Tagalie Les Hewitt Dawson Waugh Walter Raphael 1:39.60
1913 Jest Fred Rickaby Jr. Charles Morton Jack Barnato Joel 1:40.8
1914 Princess Dorrie Bill Huxley Charles Morton Jack Barnato Joel 1:42.00
1915 Vaucluse Fred Rickaby Jr. Frank Hartigan 5th Earl of Rosebery 1:40.8
1916 Canyon Fred Rickaby Jr. George Lambton 17th Earl of Derby 1:40.00
1917 Diadem Fred Rickaby Jr. George Lambton 1st Viscount d'Abernon 1:43.00
1918 Ferry Brownie Carslake George Lambton 17th Earl of Derby 1:46.40
1919 Roseway Albert Whalley Frank Hartigan Sir Edward Hulton 1:47.60
1920 Cinna Billy Griggs Tom Waugh Sr. Sir Robert Jardine 1:40.40
1921 Bettina George Bellhouse Percy Linton Walter Raphael 1:44.60
1922 Silver Urn Brownie Carslake Atty Persse Barney Parr 1:40.00
1923 Tranquil Ted Gardner George Lambton 17th Earl of Derby 1:39.00
1924 Plack Charlie Elliott Jack Jarvis 5th Earl of Rosebery 1:39.60
1925 Saucy Sue Frank Bullock Alec Taylor Jr. 2nd Viscount Astor 1:42:40
1926 Pillion Dick Perryman John Watson Anthony G. de Rothschild 1:42.00
1927 Cresta Run Arthur Balding Peter Gilpin Giles Loder 1:38.00
1928 Scuttle Joe Childs William Rose Jarvis HM King George V 1:44.20
1929 Taj Mah Wally Sibbritt Juan Torterolo Simon Guthmann 1:40.40
1930 Fair Isle Tommy Weston Frank Butters 17th Earl of Derby 1:42.00
1931 Four Course Charlie Elliott Fred Darling 4th Earl of Ellesmere 1:39.80
1932 Kandy Charlie Elliott Frank Carter Evremond de Saint-Alary 1:44.00
1933 Brown Betty Joe Childs Cecil Boyd-Rochfort William Woodward Sr. 1:39.40
1934 Campanula Harry Wragg Jack Jarvis Sir George Bullough 1:39.00
1935 Mesa Rae Johnstone Albert Swann Pierre Wertheimer 1:43.00
1936 Tide-way Dick Perryman Colledge Leader 17th Earl of Derby 1:41.80
1937 Exhibitionnist Steve Donoghue Joseph Lawson Sir Victor Sassoon 1:44.00
1938 Rockfel Sam Wragg Ossie Bell Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen 1:39.00
1939 Galatea Bobby Jones Joseph Lawson Robert Sterling Clark 1:38.60
1940 Godiva Doug Marks William Rose Jarvis Esmond Harmsworth 1:40.60
1941 Dancing Time Dick Perryman Joseph Lawson 1st Baron Glanely 1:40.80
1942 Sun Chariot Gordon Richards Fred Darling HM King George VI 1:39.60
1943 Herringbone Harry Wragg Walter Earl 17th Earl of Derby 1:41.00
1944 Picture Play Charlie Elliott John E. Watts Jim Joel 1:40.20
1945 Sun Stream Harry Wragg Walter Earl 17th Earl of Derby 1:45.40
1946 Hypericum Doug Smith Cecil Boyd-Rochfort HM King George VI 1:41.60
1947 Imprudence Rae Johnstone Joseph Lieux Mrs Pierre Corbière 1:46.00
1948 Queenpot Gordon Richards Noel Murless Sir Percy Loraine 1:41.80
1949 Musidora Edgar Britt Charles Elsey Norman Donaldson 1:40.00
1950 Camaree Rae Johnstone Alexandre Lieux Jean Ternynck 1:37.00
1951 Belle of All Gordon Richards Norman Bertie Henry Tufton 1:44.80
1952 Zabara Ken Gethin Vic Smyth Sir Malcolm McAlpine 1:40.92
1953 Happy Laughter Manny Mercer Jack Jarvis David Wills 1:45.05
1954 Festoon Scobie Breasley Noel Cannon Arthur Dewar 1:38.90
1955 Meld Harry Carr Cecil Boyd-Rochfort Lady Zia Wernher 1:42.16
1956 Honeylight Edgar Britt Charles Elsey Sir Victor Sassoon 1:39.15
1957 Rose Royale Charlie Smirke Alec Head Aga Khan III 1:39.15
1958 Bella Paola Serge Boullenger François Mathet François Dupré 1:38.75
1959 Petite Etoile Doug Smith Noel Murless Prince Aly Khan 1:40.36
1960 Never Too Late Roger Poincelet Etienne Pollet Mrs Howell Jackson 1:39.89
1961 Sweet Solera Bill Rickaby Reginald Day Mrs Magnus Castello 1:38.14
1962 Abermaid Bill Williamson Harry Wragg Roderic More O'Ferrall 1:39.36
1963 Hula Dancer Roger Poincelet Etienne Pollet Gertrude Widener 1:42.34
1964 Pourparler Garnie Bougoure Paddy Prendergast Beatrice, Lady Granard 1:38.82
1965 Night Off Bill Williamson Walter Wharton Lionel Holliday 1:45.43
1966 Glad Rags Paul Cook Vincent O'Brien Alice du Pont Mills 1:40.30
1967 Fleet George Moore Noel Murless Bob Boucher 1:44.76
1968 Caergwrle Sandy Barclay Noel Murless Gwen Murless 1:40.38
1969 Full Dress Ron Hutchinson Harry Wragg Budgie Moller 1:44.53
1970 Humble Duty Lester Piggott Peter Walwyn Jean, Lady Ashcombe 1:42.13
1971 Altesse Royale Yves Saint-Martin Noel Murless Roger Hue-Williams 1:40.90
1972 Waterloo Edward Hide Bill Watts Susan Stanley 1:39.49
1973 Mysterious Geoff Lewis Noel Murless George Pope Jr. 1:42.12
1974 Highclere Joe Mercer Dick Hern HM Queen Elizabeth II 1:40.32
1975 Nocturnal Spree Johnny Roe Stuart Murless Anne-Hart O'Kelly 1:41.65
1976 Flying Water Yves Saint-Martin Angel Penna Sr. Daniel Wildenstein 1:37.83
1977 Mrs McArdy Edward Hide Mick Easterby Edith Kettlewell 1:40.07
1978 Enstone Spark Ernie Johnson Barry Hills Dick Bonnycastle 1:41.56
1979 One In A Million Joe Mercer Henry Cecil Helena Springfield Ltd 1:43.06
1980 Quick As Lightning Brian Rouse John Dunlop Ogden Mills Phipps 1:41.89
1981 Fairy Footsteps Lester Piggott Henry Cecil Jim Joel 1:40.43
1982 On The House John Reid Harry Wragg Sir Philip Oppenheimer 1:40.45
1983 Ma Biche Freddy Head Criquette Head Maktoum Al Maktoum 1:41.71
1984 Pebbles Philip Robinson Clive Brittain Marcos Lemos 1:38.18
1985 Oh So Sharp Steve Cauthen Henry Cecil Sheikh Mohammed 1:36.85
1986 Midway Lady Ray Cochrane Ben Hanbury Harry Ranier 1:41.54
1987 Miesque Freddy Head François Boutin Stavros Niarchos 1:38.48
1988 Ravinella Gary W. Moore Criquette Head Ecurie Aland 1:40.88
1989 Musical Bliss Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute Sheikh Mohammed 1:42.69
1990 Salsabil Willie Carson John Dunlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:38.06
1991 Shadayid Willie Carson John Dunlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:38.18
1992 Hatoof Walter Swinburn Criquette Head Maktoum Al Maktoum 1:39.45
1993 Sayyedati Walter Swinburn Clive Brittain Mohamed Obaida 1:37.34
1994 Las Meninas John Reid Tommy Stack Robert Sangster 1:36.71
1995 Harayir Richard Hills Dick Hern Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:36.72
1996 Bosra Sham Pat Eddery Henry Cecil Wafic Saïd 1:37.75
1997 Sleepytime Kieren Fallon Henry Cecil Greenbay Stables Ltd 1:37.66
1998 Cape Verdi Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 1:37.86
1999 Wince Kieren Fallon Henry Cecil Khalid Abdullah 1:37.91
2000 Lahan Richard Hills John Gosden Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:36.38
2001 Ameerat Philip Robinson Michael Jarvis Ahmed Al Maktoum 1:38.36
2002 Kazzia Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 1:37.85
2003 Russian Rhythm Kieren Fallon Sir Michael Stoute Cheveley Park Stud 1:38.43
2004 Attraction Kevin Darley Mark Johnston 10th Duke of Roxburghe 1:36.78
2005 Virginia Waters Kieren Fallon Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Magnier 1:36.52
2006 Speciosa Michael Fenton Pam Sly Sly / Davies / Sly 1:40.53
2007 Finsceal Beo Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Michael Ryan 1:34.94
2008 Natagora Christophe Lemaire Pascal Bary Stefan Friborg 1:38.99
2009 Ghanaati Richard Hills Barry Hills Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:34.22
2010 Special Duty [a] Stéphane Pasquier Criquette Head-Maarek Khalid Abdullah 1:39.66
2011 Blue Bunting Frankie Dettori Mahmood Al Zarooni Godolphin 1:39.27
2012 Homecoming Queen Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Magnier / Tabor / Smith 1:40.45
2013 Sky Lantern Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Sr. Ben Keswick 1:36.38
2014 Miss France Maxime Guyon André Fabre Ballymore Thoroughbred 1:37.40
2015 Legatissimo Ryan Moore David Wachman Magnier / Tabor / Smith 1:34.60
2016 Minding Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Magnier / Tabor / Smith 1:36.53
2017 Winter Wayne Lordan Aidan O'Brien Magnier / Tabor / Smith 1:35.66
2018 Billesdon Brook Sean Levey Richard Hannon Jr. Pall Mall Partners 1:36.62
2019 Hermosa Wayne Lordan Aidan O'Brien Magnier / Tabor / Smith 1:36.89
2020 [b] Love Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Magnier / Tabor / Smith 1:35.80
  1. ^ Jacqueline Quest finished first in 2010, but she was relegated to second place following a stewards' inquiry
  2. ^ The 2020 race was run in June due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom

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